THE 10 CLOSEST Hotels to The Meadows Racetrack and Casino ...

Ideas for new stuff

My friends and I had some ideas for new locations, POI's and vehicles that we'd like to see in the upcoming seasons and game in general:

I really hope you like my ideas and feel free to share your ideas in the comments! (just don't be mean if someone has a different opinion on the old island)
EDIT 1: I've added some more weapons and stuff.
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I am making a weather map/travel planning map I need every public race track listed. See any missing?

Aqueduct Racetrack / New York / New York / US
Arapahoe Park / Aurora / Colorado / US
Arlington International Racecourse / Arlington Heights / Illinois / US
Assiniboia Downs / Winnipeg / Manitoba / CA
Atlantic City Race Course / Landing / New Jersey / US
Barretts Race Meet at Fairplex / Pomona / California / US
Belmont Park / Turnpike Elmont / New York / US
Belterra Park Gaming & Entertainment Center / Cincinnati / Ohio / US
Betfair Hollywood Park / Inglewood / California / US
Calder Casino & Race Course / Miami Gardens / Florida / US
Canterbury Park / Shakopee / Minnesota / US
Century Mile Racetrack and Casino / Edmonton / Alberta / CA
Churchill Downs / Louisville / Kentucky / US
Colonial Downs / New Kent / Virginia / US
Del Mar / Del Mar / California / US
Delaware Park / Wilmington / Deleware / US
Delta Downs Racetrack / Vinton / Louisiana / US
Ellis Park / Henderson / Kentucky / US
Emerald Downs / Auburn / Washington / US
Evangeline Downs / Opelousas / Louisiana / US
Fair Grounds Race Course & Slots / New Orleans / Louisiana / US
Fair meadows / Tulsa / Oklahoma / US
Fairmount Park / Collinsville / Illinois / US
Finger Lakes / Farmington / New York / US
Fonner Park / Grand Island / Nebraska / US
Fort Erie / Fort Erie / Ontario / CA
Golden Gate Fields / Berkeley / California / US
Gulfstream Park / Miami / Florida / US
Harrah's Louisiana Downs Casino and Racetrack / Bossier City / Louisiana / US
Hastings Racecourse / Vancouver / British Columbia / CA
Hawthorne Race Course / Stickney / Illinois / US
Hollywood Casino At Charles Town Races / Charles Town / West Virginia / US
Hollywood Gaming at Mahoning Valley Race Course / Youngstown / Ohio / US
Hoosier Park / Anderson / Indiana / US
Horsemen's Park / Omaha / Nebraska / US
Indiana Grand / Shelbyville / Indiana / US
Keeneland / Lexington / Kentucky / US
Kentucky Downs / Franklin / Kentucky / US
Laurel Park / Laurel / Maryland / US
Lone Star Park / Irving / Texas / US
Los Alamitos Race Course / Los Alamitos / California / US
Monmouth Park / Oceanport / New Jersey / US
Mountaineer Casino Racetrack & Resort / Chester / West Virginia / US
Northlands Park / Edmonton / Alberta / CA
Oaklawn Park / Hot Springs / Arkansas / US
Parx Racing / Bensalem / Pennsylvania / US
Penn National Race Course / Grantville / Pennsylvania / US
Pimlico Race Course / Baltimore / Maryland / US
Portland Meadows / Portland / Oregon / US
Prairie Meadows / Altoona / Iowa / US
Presque Isle Downs / Erie / Pennsylvania / US
Remington Park / Oklahoma City / Oklahoma / US
Retama Park / Selma / Texas / US
Rillito Park Race Track / Tucson / Arizona / US
Ruidoso Downs / Ruidoso Downs / New Mexico / US
Sam Houston Race Park / West Houston / Texas / US
Santa Anita Park / Arcadia / California / US
Saratoga Race Course / Saratoga Springs / New York / US
Suffolk Downs / Boston / Massachusetts / US
Sunland Park / Sunland / New Mexico / US
Tampa Bay Downs / Tampa / Florida / US
Thistledown / Cleveland / Ohio / US
Turf Paradise / Phoenix / Arizona / US
Turfway Park / Florence / Kentucky / US
Will Rogers Downs / Claremore / Oklahoma / US
Woodbine / Toronto / Ontario / CA
Zia Park / Hobbs / New Mexico / US

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Gambling question s6e16

S6e16 is the one where Tony’s gambling is the major focus. At one point while at a casino, Tony looks at some kind of terminal and says to the guys,
“Look! In the fifth, Batavia - two to one, meadow gold.”
Syl Says something like, you gotta take that!
I was just curious what exactly tony meant.
I’m assuming by fifth he means the fifth terminal in a row of terminals. Batavia is the race track. He wants to pick the horse that’s listed at two to one odds, and it’s implied that he made that choice horses name has meadow in it.
Can someone confirm or deny this? I know it’s not really relevant to the plot but it’s a detail that confused me.
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Spellslinger Fingerbangs Scott

Slightly early happy fourth of July everyone! And belated Happy Canada day to our northern neighbors! And just happy days all around to everyone else! This is a chapter a loooong time coming. But I just kept kicking the idea around in my head, unhappy with it until things felt like they fell into place.
Without further ado the long awaited next chapter of Spellslinger!
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“So… what exactly are we doing again?” Fenrina asked as she helped Steve fit some parts onto a large contraption he was assembling.
“We’re going to stop Scott, and fight his army of skeletons.” Steve reminded her as he slapped some pieces together and wrapped plenty of his special flexible fabric of aquatic bird binding around the parts to hold them in place.
“No, I mean yeah. I get that. But… like how? And what’s this for?” Fenrina asked as she lifted a giant wheel up so Steve could bolt it to the side of his project.
“This is what will help us break through his army. I call it… Spellslinger’s automatic fossil fuel external combusting self propelled mobile engine! Or the SAFFECSPME for short.” Steve grinned and proudly posed before his machine.
“Steve you are just… terrible at naming things.” Sherry sighed with a slow shake of her head as she looked up at his rather haphazardly slapped together invention.
“I am not! You take that back female with whom I have relations!” He huffed. “I’m so tired of all these stupid artifacts we find that are just like… The orb of wonder! The circlet of insight! The Staff of penetrat- Actually that one is rather self explanatory… Regardless! When I name something people don’t have to be like oh I wonder what that does. No! They know exactly what it does right from the get go! Hah!” He once more set his hands on his hips and struck a proud pose.
“Why not like… take some of the words and stick them together? Like… That sorta means the same thing right?” Fenrina suggested with a shrug.
“The automobile?” Steve asked as he gave Fenrina as confused look. “Pfft. What’s that even mean? It’ll never catch on. Unlike SAFFECSPME!”
“Safakspm?” Fenrina tried.
“No. SAFFECSPME.” Steve corrected her.
“Safeskspem?” She tried again.
“We’ll deal with that later.” Steve waved a hand dismissively. “What’s important now is waiting on word from the Archon that she’s finished up the spell we’ve been working on. Then we… well we wait for some of the skeletons to get here. I don’t have any more fossils so we need to smash them up and toss them in there.” He pointed to the large scoop at the front of his vehicle full of large spiked grinders. “Then inside I have a reserve of arcane water to mix with the ground up fossils, which then combusts here, which is why I’ve got the pipe to make sure most of the explosion is external. And then it’ll start moving forward.” He explained with a slow nod.
“How do we… steer it? And… where do we sit?” Sherry asked as she eyed the machine with a very nervous expression.
“Uh… I’ve got a wheel like on a ship, and I’ve made… seats.” Steve gave another vague wave at the machine. The seats he had bolted or strapped into place were more of the just fit wherever style over the actually made with purpose style. “Oh also, since this is super dangerous don’t forget safety first. Goggles everyone.” He went around to hand them each goggles.
“These will help us if it explodes?” Fenrina asked as she strapped them onto her face.
“Oh no. Not at all. They’re just to keep sand out of your eyes when we’re going fast.” He explained.
“Well, I do like to go fast.” Fenrina nodded with her usual levels of confidence and complete lack of concern.
“Can I mention that so far you’ve yet to mention how we’re going to defeat Scott. Or how we’re going to assemble the rest of Fenrina’s people. Or! Or how you’re even going to cast your spell!” Sherry reminded them even as she put on her own goggles.
“The Archon is casting that spell I mentioned. It’ll round up all of the people who’ve become…. Were-huskies and drop them near us. Don’t worry about it. Also I still need a better name than werehusky. As for casting the spell? Once we’ve mashed up that many of Scott’s skeletons I should have lots of power to use.” Steve shrugged. “As usual our best plans just sort of… happen. Without planning.”
“That makes them not plans.” Sherry drly remarked. “What about Scott? You heard the Archon she said he had powerful magicks with a K. Even with all four of us I’m not sure we can breach such old spell barriers.” Sherry then reminded him.
“Yeah but that’s why Steve is going to finger bang him.” Fenrina reminded them with a shrug.
“Ugh…” Steve groaned at that. “Just… stop saying that.”
“You guys won’t say what’s wrong with finger banging people! So until you do I’m just going to finger bang bang all day!” Fenrina wagged her fingers at the others.
“The finger that I’ve sabotaged will strip away his shields and then he’s like a basic skeleton. Uh… that is alive and talks and stuff. We can smash him real easy then. Larry could even deal with it… if he hadn’t forgotten all his spells for fighting undead and replaced them with party tricks.” Steve glared at the dwarf then.
Larry insists it so unfair to shame a cleric for choosing to fight boredom at parties of sexy elves instead of fighting boring unsexy undead.” Both Sherry and Steve rolled their eyes as Larry tried to defend his practice of quick casting more… gimmicky spells. Such as transmute water to wine, and greater mood lighting.
“Regardless we need to hold them from getting past this part of the Hamak desert because if they get down into the casinos around Sinner’s Meadow a whole lot of gamblers, plus all the poor bastards the sunbinders buried with their pharaohs over the centuries, will become zombies. Or… skeletons maybe. Something undead. Although it might be hard to tell the difference compared with their usual behavior…” Steve mused idly as he rubbed his beard. Steve, Sherry, and Larry all looked out across the reddish sands of the desert before them knowing a vast horde of undead should be approaching them quickly from the valley of the dead where Scott and the rest of his Dicks had been buried, and conveniently lost to time until now.
“So, Steve, out of curiosity, what if Scott has some extra warriors buried at different points around the desert as a vanguard with like skeleton chariots and stuff and we start getting attacked before the Archon has her spell ready?” Fenrina asked.
“That sounds like an oddly specific worry Fenrina… but I guess we’d just have to ride around smashing skeletons until she’s ready. Why?” Steve asked and looked over to see the canine looking behind them.
“Because I think that hill is a tomb.” She pointed and the others looked around to see a mass of skeletons rushing up towards them, some on chariots being pulled by skeleton horses as well.
“Oh shit!” Steve hissed out as Sherry and Larry turned to quickly set up to face the oncoming attack. “Get ready and remember the plan!” Steve shouted.
“What plan?!” Sherry hissed back.
“That’s easy!” Fenrina grinned as she got out front with her shield raised. “Stuff the bad skeletons into the mashing bit! Drive around and find Scott! And then-
Spellslinger Fingerbangs-
“Don’t you dare!” Steve interrupted her before she could finish, and began to cast a fireball at the charging chariots. “The plan is-
Spellslinger Slaps a Dick
“They keep splintering into tiny pieces! I can’t even get a decent snack!” Fenrina growled out as another pair of skeletons rushed up at her only for her sword to cleave through both of them as a cloud of dust erupted in their place.
“We’ve got to somehow get them straight into the grinder!” Steve shouted and hurled a vine spear into the spoke of one of the chariots, causing the whole thing to tumble over as the skeletal horses shattered.
“Maybe Sherry’s whip? It doesn’t seem to destroy them as much!” Fenrina called out.
“The problem is when I whip them they just make these moaning sounds!” Sherry called back as she held a contingent of skeletal warriors at bay to the side of the machine.
“So… they’re immune to the whip?” Steve asked with a glance over.
“No, it still works but it’s really creepy and I don’t like it!” Sherry growled back. “And they don’t run from it they just stick around to get whipped more!”
“I’ve got an idea!” Fenrina announced and used her shield to smash apart another skeleton before rushing over to grab Larry. “Fastball special!”
Larry hates this idea!” The dwarf shouted just before she spun and hurled him into the driver of one of the chariots knocking the skeleton out as Larry tumbled into the chariot. The dwarf quickly grabbed the reins then, but it wasn’t easy as he had to keep hopping to see over the horses.
“Into the machine!” Fenrina yelled at him even as she used her shield to shove several of the warriors in front of Steve’s engine. Realizing what she was doing Steve quickly pulled several reagents from his belt and stuffed them into his mouth before vomiting ice all over them to stick them in place.
“Ugh… I hate the flavor.” He muttered as he spit out a final snowball.
“Stop moaning and get back you creepy shits!” Sherry screamed on the other side of the machine as she kept furiously cracking her whip at the possibly masochistic vanguard of skeletons to try and herd them in front of the engine. Just as they were all in position Larry drove the skeletal horses into the grinder at the front of the machine, shoving the herd of warriors in at the same time as the dwarf hurled himself free of the wreckage at the last moment. For a second nothing seemed to happen as the grinders slowly turned, but then they began to pick up speed and the entire machine started to roll forward slowly.
“Hop on!” Steve called out as everyone jumped onto the nearest seat available. Steve tried to slip into the seat behind the steering wheel but to his surprise Fenrina picked him up before he could fully sit down and tossed him onto the front where he grabbed the nearest set to stop from sliding off. “Fenrina! The hell?!”
“All of you cast magic and stuff! What am I gonna do in here? Ask you to drive closer so I can hit them with my sword?” She snorted and pulled a lever to disengage the brakes. Steve was rather impressed at how much more focused she’d been lately. “Besides this way I can make it go as fast as I want!” She grinned wide as he immediately retracted his thought and sighed.
“Well… aim for the main cluster to get more fossils for fuel!” He hollered and pointed at the group still pouring out of the hill tomb. As they began to roll downhill the machine started to pick up speed both from smashing into more of the now fleeing skeletons, and the downhill course. Steve meant to start casting something to help thin the horde but instead he spent most of his time trying to avoid the sword and spears that were flying past him as the warriors got mulched by the grinder. He’d need to adjust his design a bit for the next one.
Thankfully Fenrina didn’t seem to need any help as his machine plowed through much of the vanguard as they tried to leave the tomb and by now it seemed to be fully charged as a gout of flame erupted from the back pipe making the entire thing shudder a moment. There were several more jerks as explosions rocked the SAFFECSPME forward and Steve desperately clutched the sides of his seat to steady himself. “Steve you asshole slow down!” Sherry screamed to the side.
“I’m not driving!” He yelled back.
“Sorry, force of habit! Fenrina!” The demon looked over but the husky was busy letting out a howl and then letting her tongue dangle in the wind as the machine shot out across the desert, rattling and bouncing over the terrain.
While Steve had planned for the goggles to shield his eyes he’d not given as much thought to his mouth and was coughing as his position at the front of the machine made him a magnet for dirt, sand, and bugs. He quickly pulled a cloth from one of his pouches to wrap around his face. When he looked to one side he saw Sherry had cut part of her shirt to do the same. But when he looked to the other side he saw Larry had in face pulled a rather large pair of panties over his face and then pulled his goggles down over it. “What the-”
These are not Larry’s panties. For Larry does not wear panties. Except right now. As a mask.” He replied before Steve could even ask. Though that didn’t really answer much of anything. Steve wanted to ask more but then Fenrina spoke up as she glanced back.
“Hey Steve what if the skeletons saw what sort of machine we made and somehow like banded together into similar machines but made out of bones and stuff and came chasing after us to stop us and were covered in spikes and more skeletons and stuff?” She asked in one long breathless sentence.
“Uh… that’s… not really… possible?” Steve tried to think of what sort of magic could do something like that but wasn’t sure if it could be done. Especially not so quickly.
“Okay, then I guess I’m hallucinating.” Fenrina shrugged and Steve leaned out to the side to see several skeletal vehicles suddenly chasing after them.
“Oh what the fuck!” He gasped out. One of the smaller skeletal vehicles raced up ahead as he saw a skeletal trumpeter on it blaring some ear piercing tune. “That’s impossible! You guys are cheating!” He yelled over at them even as every skelton aboard the undead machine flipped him off.
“Doot doot motherfucker!” One of the more well armored skeletons simply screamed back at him as they started to jump across to board their ride. The trio had to quickly try and fend off the attackers from their already precarious seats.
“How can a skeleton even play trumpet! You don’t have lips!” Steve screamed as the skeletal minstrel jumped across and played trumpet in his face even as he chopped the skeleton’s legs off at the knees sending the upper body tumbling off the side. Thankfully with the speed Fenrina was going across the desert all they really had to do was shove them back off the sides and they’d be smashed to bits from the impact.
Yet the reanimated bones didn’t seem to have any issues with suicidally trying to ram their new bone-mobiles into the DOOM engine. Thankfully Steve had made his SAFFECSPM to be sturdy, though he was quickly making notes about what to add for the next version. Like something to strap him into his seat as the impacts from the skeletal riders would nearly knock him off the front and off the side. “Fenrina ram back!” Steve called out to her, but as she swerved to hit one of the bone-mobiles all the skeletons atop it just jumped over onto their ride. “New plan! Don’t do that!”
“Haha! Death to the fleshy bois! Fuck flesh!” One of the skeletons cried out as he tried to decapitate Steve with an old sickle sword. Though Steve got his own sword up to parry the attack.
“Yeah death to the fleshy bois! And… whatever this furry one is! Fuck the furry!” Another skeleton yelled as he tried to stab Fenrina with a spear, but she just grabbed the spear and used it to fling the skeleton off the engine.
Larry insists you don’t use that term. It doesn’t mean what you think it does!” The dwarf advised even as he smashed apart another skeleton with his hammer as it tried to jump across.
“Why what does it mean?” Fenrina asked with a frown.
“Yeah, fleshy boi! What’s it mean?” The skeleton from earlier asked before Steve quickly conjured a large stone fish to smash him apart.
Larry does not wish to explain right now. Larry simply… knows things that would suggest you don’t use that term.” The dwarf gave the others an odd look and Steve frowned a moment before narrowly ducking to avoid an arrow shot at them from a nearby bone-mobile.
“Larry do we want to know?” He asked and the dwarf just shook his head. “I swear you’re worse than bards sometimes…” Steve muttered even as he began to fast a fireball to lob back at the skeleton archers.
“Yeah well I’m tired of fighting all these boney bois and getting nothing to eat!” Fenrina growled out and as two of the skeletal vehicles pulled up alongside she yanked on the brake, making Steve let out a startled squeal and nearly roll off the front of the engine and into the grinder, but he caught himself on the edge. The two skeletal vehicles though smashed into each other in a mass eruption of bones which Fenrina then drove through, snagging a wayward femur in her mouth. “Mmhgnrnrng… uch etter…”
“Damnit Fenrina! Can you stop thinking about food for two seconds and focus!” Steve yelled and scrambled to pull himself back into his seat.
“‘Ere ‘e goi’ ‘nywa?” She asked as she kept chewing on the femur, causing little sparks to sizzle around her teeth.
“Uh…” Steve looked forward across the desert as he saw a massive lightning bolt from some cliffs ahead and the clouds began to grow impossibly dark. “Yeah my bet is that way.”
“Also ‘at ‘o I ‘o if ‘I ‘ee’ a ‘ig ‘orado ‘ats s’arkly?” She asked, refusing to give up her snack.
“What do you do if you see a big tornado that’s all sparkly? I don’t know… why do you ask?” Steve was watching Fenrina as he pulled himself back into his seat and then saw her point past him. When he looked back he saw an absolutely massive sand tornado crackling with purple lightning. “Oh for fuck’s sake! Stop asking questions like that Fenrina!”
“Hat? It ‘ot’ ‘I ‘ault!” She huffed.
“I swear it somehow is!” Steve hissed. “Get away from it! Towards the cliffs!” He pointed towards the beam in the sky pulling in more and more dark clouds. But as they got closer to the cliff he saw a tide of skeletons riding an entire fleet of bone-mobiles out towards them. “Never mind! Towards the tornado! Towards the tornado!” He screamed as he waved towards the tornado. Fenrina veered off towards the swirling vortex of sand and lightning as Steven feverishly pulled reagents from his pouches and frantically etched runes into the hood.
Even as they approached the massive storm the skeletons were overtaking them. Sherry had summoned her bone wings and was using them to operate a massive flaming bow to smash apart approaching riders with spear sized flaming bolts, and Larry was tossing holy orbs up into the air before using his hammer like a bat to smack them at the oncoming horde. It was still going to be extremely close as the tornado bore down upon them and the tide of skeletons grew ever closer. “Larry!” Steve screamed to be heard over the howling wind. “Bubble us!”
Larry would have to use up a lot of energy to shield us all! Plus Larry does not appreciate the divine protection being called a bubble!” The dwarf protested, taking a momentary break from lobbing the holy bombs at the skeletons.
“Larry so help me you will bubble us all right now or I’ll tell the Archon what you did in the faculty lounge!” Steve screamed back. The dwarf went wide eyed a moment and set his hands on the engine before a golden sphere shimmered around them just as several of the bone-mobiles smashed into them. Thankfully with the bubble up they were instead blasted apart instead, and Fenrina was free to drive them straight into the vortex.
As the sand and lightning swept over them the bubble crackled and broke apart quickly, but Steve already had his hands up in the air and was shouting out virtually every protective weather ward he knew to create a break in the wind for them barrel through as the storm overtook Scott’s army and began to tear them apart. Steve could feel the drain of energy from shielding them as they thankfully burst out of the sand into the eye of the storm.
Yet even as the sky above them was clear and blue they suddenly saw several more vehicles ahead of them. Except they weren’t the bone-mobiles. They seemed to be made of rusty metal, and several were completely covered in spikes, plus their wheels were very small and made of some material Steve didn’t recognize at all. Not to mention instead of angry undead skeletons they seemed to be crewed by humans wearing bits of strange spiker armor that Steve also didn’t recognize. It didn’t seem like metal.
“Wha? Where did these guys come from?” Steve frowned in confusion. Before he could even try and call out to them one of the spiked vehicles saw him and a rider lobbed a spear at them which exploded just as it hit the sand. More of the rides howled out as he saw them grab at their crotches for some reason and wiggle their tongues in the air. “Okay they’re not friendly.” He growled and quickly lobbed a fireball right back, igniting the vehicle as it exploded in a shower of metal spikes that Fenrina had to dodge.
Several of the spiked hostile rides began to veer off towards him but a sleek black vehicle at the front dropped back and slammed into one, making it spin out and flip over a dune as the riders were tossed screaming into the storm as it moved. Forcing many of the others to drop back as they chased after them. “Oi you beautiful cunt!” Steve frowned as the rider of the sleek black machine came up next to him. Unlike the strange spiked armor the others wore this one was in black leather armor that was a little odd, but still something he was more familiar with.
“What!” Steve called back, unsure about the insult.
“Yeah! Thanks cunt! These mad mates been on me since a piss up in woop woop last night. Fuckin’ hoons ‘mirite?” The rider called back.
“What?” Was all Steve could respond with.
“Oi! Is that a Sheila dingo with tits drivin yer claptrap? Now that’s a bloody awesome mutant it is!” The black clad driver continued.
“What!?” Steve echoed from before, entirely confused.
“Right cunt! ‘Moff to the bottle-o! Hoo roo!” The driver called out before driving into the wall of sand ahead of them.
“I am so lost.” Steve muttered before raising his hands to chant out more wards as Fenrina took them back through the vortex of sand and lightning. This time as they neared the end his arms were truly getting tired and when they burst back out into the sun he let out a relieved gasp and sagged back down into his seat. Fenrina was taking them straight towards the cliff the shadows were growing out of but he didn’t see any more skeletons just yet so he used the time to catch his breath.
“Sherry… did that guy sound like a Drow to you?” Steve asked as he glanced back at the demon.
“You know more about them then me.” She replied with a shrug. “Also why were those other guys all wearing assless chaps?”
“Were they?” Steve frowned. “I think I was focused on other things.” He shook his head slowly and grabbed a rejuvenation potion off his belt as Sherry entered a narrow crack in the cliffs towards the shadow light on the far end. “Alright… uh… maybe slow it down a bit.” Steve urged Fenrina as they sped through the rocky walls with very little room on either side.
“Sure thing!” Fenrina called out, apparently done with her femur at some point. However right after that Steve heard a snap and Fenrina reached forward to hand him a stick. “Hey, can you hold onto this for me?” She asked.
Steve took the lever and looked at it in his hands a moment before realizing what it was. “Fenrina! This is the brake lever!”
“Yeah. It broke.” She replied and then took her hands off the wheel to give him a big shrug as her tongue dangled from her mouth.
“Damnit Fenrina.” Steve sighed, but before he could do anything else they exited the small canyon and came into a clearing with a rather steep drop off as the SAFFECSPM was launched off it into a pit below. The members of DOOM cried out and tumbled off the machine as it plummeted. Thankfully Sherry was quick to get her bone wings out and grab Steve while Fenrina grabbed onto Larry as the dwarf frantically cast another bubble around them so they’d bounce off the ground and roll to a stop while Sherry brought Steve down in a mostly controlled descent as they all landed around the wreckage of Steve’s machine.
“My my my… you really are a tenacious shit sucker.” Steve looked around as he heard that voice and saw Scott standing above them upon a rather short pyramid.
“Is this your pyramid Scott? It’s… a little small.” Steve called back.
“It’s not about the size of the pyramid but how you use it!” Scott screamed back. Around them Steve saw more skeletal warriors start to rush forward from around the pyramid.
“We’ve just got done destroying entire legions of your shitty warriors! What’s a few more?” Steve called up to Scott only to see larger skeletons start to rush out of the pyramid itself. Their armor and weapons obviously superior to the lesser skeletons they’d been fighting. “Well, fine! The more the merrier!” He continued even as black lightning struck the ground and ten foot tall half jackal half human mummies began to burst out of the ground. “I uh… I still think… we’ve got this.” He muttered at the end.
“Do you? Do you really?” Scott asked as the ground around them began to rumble. Besides the pyramid the ground began to shift as sand fell away to reveal an absolutely massive snake rising up. Then the ground around them shifted as Steve realized much of the ground around them was just the coiled tail of this gargantuan snake.
“That… that is… that is a very very big snake.” Steve muttered as he watched it rise up, clad in a rather dazzling jeweled headpiece that constituted the complete output of at least one gold mine, and the centerpiece was a ruby the size of Larry.
“Your pathetic struggle ends here fool!” Scott called back at the snake’s massive forked tongue flicked out a moment and its maw started to open.
“You’re such a dick Scott.” Steve huffed.
“Yes. I’m the king of the dicks! No one is more dick than I! Scott!” The skeleton replied with a maniacal cackle as shadow lightning struck behind him to create an inverse flash of light to highlight his malevolence.
“But you still haven’t found your actual dick I see.” Steve waved at the skeleton’s crotch. “You… dickless wonder!”
“No… That miserable bastard of mine Eddy… I don’t know what he did with it! Him and that treacherous vizier Sigmund. They had the creepiest ideas about mothers.” The skeleton shuddered for a moment and then waved a hand. “But enough of this mindless prattle! You die now and shall be nothing more than snake shit soon! Strike my servant!” He called as the snake hissed out and rose up.
“Hold on I got this.” Sherry said to Steve’s surprise and pushed him aside to step closer to the snake. Her own forked tongue flicked out and she began to hiss at the massive snake. “Hiisss. Hiss hiss hiiisss. Hiss hissss hisss hiss?”
The snake stopped then and seemed to wriggle a moment as it… blushed? “HISSSS HISS HISSS HISSSSS HIIIISSISISS.”
“What is this?” Scott demanded to know even as the two started to talk.
“Snake tongue.” Steve replied.
“I didn’t mean what language you insufferable turd!” Scott yelled back. Meanwhile the snake and Sherry kept talking.
“Hisss hiss hiss hisss. Hhissisiss? Hiss hiss.” Sherry said with an exaggerated toss of her hair.
“HISSS HISS HIIISS HISSSISIS. HISS.” The massive snake rolled its eyes and gave Scott a look even as Sherry gave Steve a similar look that made him squirm.
“The judgement I feel is somehow worse than being eaten by that giant snake.” He muttered.
“Stop dithering about whelp! I command you to eat them! Eat them right now! Do your fucking job and obey me!” The opulently decorated skeleton began to jump up and down as he screamed. This just made the big snake give Sherry a knowing look.
HISS. HISSS HISSSS HIIIISS. HIISSISIS.” It said as Sherry then laughed and waved a hand.
“Hiiisss! Hisss hiss hiss.” With that the big snake rose up and started to slither out of the canyon that Fenrina had just drove them down to leave the clearing.
“Stop! I fucking order you to stop! Get back here you insolent upsized worm! I’ll have you made into boots for my entire army! Get back here right fucking now!” He screamed but the snake just slithered off into the desert leaving them in a now emptier clearing with the short pyramid at the center. Though this did help highlight just how many hundreds of regular skeletons were still around them, dozens of the elite guard, and twenty or so of the big jackalpeople mummies.
“I guess dick’s just don’t know how to talk to ladies.” Steve joked as the others chuckled.
“Forget this fucking foreplay!” Scott called out and pointed a jeweled scepter at them. “I’m still king dick here! Even if I have to track down that traitor and skin her later you won’t be more than a fleshy lump once my warriors are done eviscerating you! There’s four against an army! Was this your plan you festering maggot!?”
“Uh… No. My plan… was…” Steve floundered a moment as he tried to think of what to say. But then against the dark sky above them he saw a green light. When he looked up a massive sphere was hurtling through the air towards them. “Hah! That was my plan dickwad! Behold! The Orb of Donelaps! Eh… why is it all fuzzy?” He wondered for a moment, somewhat stealing his own thunder as the now fuzzy green orb smashed into the ground behind much of the skeletal army.
The fuzz became readily apparent however as the sphere poured open to reveal hundreds of cheering werehusky barbarians who came charging out with all manner of weapon at hand. A mighty battlecry rose up from their ranks and echoed out all around them as they descended upon the unprepared skeletons. “Fooooood!”
“Yeah! Food!” Fenrina cried out as she pumped her sword in the air.
“Why am I not surprised?” Steve asked with a roll of his eyes as the barbarians clashed with the skeletons and mostly focused on ripping them apart to chew on their many bones.
“Steve we’ve still got most of an army between them and us.” Sherry reminded him and he looked around as the ten foot tall jackalpeople mummies closed in.
“Oh shit right.” They backed up against the wreckage of his SAFFECSPM and prepared to fend off the attackers as he yelled up at Scott. “Are you not going to face me yourself Scott? Man to man?”
“No!” The skeleton called back immediately.
“What? Why not!” Steve yelled back.
“Because I’m a dick! How do you not get this?!” The skeleton shrugged as he looked back down on them.
“Oh yeah! Well you might change your mind when you realize you can’t do this!” Steve called out and flipped Scott off.
“Yes I can!” Scott quickly extended a hand to flip Steve off in return.
“Uh… let's try that again. You can’t do this!” Steve now extended both hands to give Scott the double bird.
“This is getting tiresome.” The skeletal king sighed and then set his scepter into a stand so he could double bird Steve in return, only to discover his missing finger. “What! How dare you abscond with my second favorite finger!”
“Yeah! I bet you’d like to demonstrate how you feel with your hands! Except you can’t!” Steve taunted as he waved Scott’s finger at him.
“Murder him and retrieve my finger! I’m coming down there!” Scott screamed and began to stomp down the pyramid towards them.
“Alright guys! If we work together we can-” Steve started only to be jostled as Fenrina bounced off him and then leapt at the nearest mummy as she swiped across his chest, landing besides him and driving her blade into his knee before twisting the blade to pop the mummified leg apart and then spinning away to start attacking the next one.
“Sorry Steve already busy!” She called out as he stood there.
“Fuck… I didn’t teach her… any of that.” He muttered and then looked up as one of the ten foot tall mummies approached him. “Right right… I’ve got this…” He muttered and tried to think about not only what he could cast, but what might work. He’d been going through his supplies alarmingly quickly so far.
“I uh…” The mummy stomped closer as it raised a massive sickle above him. “Uhhhh uhh.. I cast rock!” He slapped together some ingredients and then tossed a pebble at the mummy which bounced off its head. The mummy actually stopped and seemed to give him a confused look. “I cast bigger rock!” Steve shouted and rubbed his hands with the remains of the ingredients and pointed at the mummy as a boulder flew out of the sky and smashed mummy’s skull off completely.
“Hah! I got one guys!” Even as he looked over Fenrina was somehow dueling three of the mummies all at the same time, parrying blows with her sword and shield as she deftly kicked, bashed, and stabbed them in return. Sherry was using her bonewing bow once more to impale mummies and Scott’s elite guard. Larry had initiated a holy poetry slam as he hurled divine insults about how ugly the mummies were to crush their spirits, just before he used his hammer to crush their bones for good measure. “Seriously? When did I become the slacker? When did this happen?” Steve asked no one.
“Shitsucker!” Steve looked back and let out a rather unmanly squeal of surprise as he narrowly leaned out of the way of a blast of green energy from the magical staff the skeletal king held. “You die now!” Scott called out and began to wave his hands to no doubt follow up with a spell.
“Hah! Eat disintegration!” Steve yelled back and grabbed the last of his prepared reagent pouches as he cast the words and fired back at Scott with a golden beam of pure energy before the skeleton could react. However the entire beam just seemed to course around the skeleton as shadowy orbs appeared to deflect the magic. “Uh… well… That was the last of the spells I had planned for today… If you could just… wait for my team to finish up…” Steve suggested and to his surprise Scott stopped casting.
“Oh sure.” He nodded.
“Really?” Steve asked in surprise.
“NO!” Scott screamed and raised his hands as a series of shadow bolts began to fly out towards Steve, making him curse and fling himself around to very narrowly avoid getting impaled. Once the cascade of bolts was over Scott began to cast once more but Steve just tossed his finger at him.
“Here! Take it!” He hollered and backed up as Scott grabbed the finger.
“Yes! Now I can properly flip off children with both hands!” Scott cackled a moment but his cackling was cut short as the finger began to sizzle. “Wait… No!” At the last moment the skeleton reached to grab his arm but it was too late as the finger erupted in a pulse of energy that knocked Scott flat. The shadowy bubbles around him shimmered before they vanished with a distinct POP.
“Huh… I don’t know what I expected… but that wasn’t it.” Steve muttered.
“Alright! Steve! You did it! How do you like that Scott? Steve fingerbanged the shit out of you!” Fenrina called out as she cleaved through the last of the mummies.
“Ugh.” Steve groaned.
“Uuugghh… your dog is disgusting.” Scott muttered as he began to get up.
“Yeah she is at times.” Steve nodded.
“Why won’t anyone tell me what it means!? OOoooo I wanna knoooow!” Fenrina wailed with a howl.
“Anyway it’s you and me now Scott! Man against skeleton!” Steve grinned and charged forward as he hauled off and punched Scott in the face, making the skeleton’s head spin around wildly. “How ya like that! No more magic! Just punching!”
“Yeah Steve fist him good!” Fenrina encouraged as she began to bound over.
“Oh for fuck’s sake… Please just… stop.” Steve groaned out and tried to focus on punching Scott’s spinning skull once more. But this time as he tried he gasped in pain as Scott’s teeth clamped around his knuckles. “Aaahhh! Oowww! OW! Stop it!” He tried to pry his hand free of Scott’s mouth but the skeleton growled and chewed harder for a moment until finally letting go. Steve staggered back clutching his now bloody hand.
“What’s wrong Steve? Didn’t know I was a biter?!” Scott asked with a cackle. By now Fenrina had charged over, but to his surprise when she swung to smash Scott apart with her sword the skeleton parried the blow with his arm. Every blow she swun was parried by the one armed skeleton as she even tried to shield bash, and kick only to be countered at every turn. “Fools! I am a warrior king! I’m more than just magic! Even my bones have been enchanted! Nothing you wield can harm me!” Rolling past Fenrina Scott plucked his staff up from the ground and spun it around before smashing it into the werehusky, sending her flying in a burst of magic energy as shs slammed into the side of the SAFFECSPM with a howl.
Steve looked around a moment in desperation and found Scott’s other arm that had been blown free by the fingerbanging earlier. Picking it up he wielded it like a flail and charged at the skeleton who was leveling his staff at Fenrina. Steve lashed out with the arm to slap Scott with it, knocking the skeleton aside and causing his magical bolts to fly wildly into the air. “Quit hitting yourself! Quit hitting yourself!” Steve began to chant then as he slapped Scott with his own arm, knocking the villain back step by step, getting him closer to the front of the engine.
“Motherless-” Scott began to hiss even as Steve slapped him across the face once more. But the king had enough as he slammed his staff into the ground and Steve was sent flying back with an energy pulse. “Enough!” Scott bellowed.
“That’s what you think!” Sherry called out as a fire spear shot through Scott’s ribs. But the skeleton just stood there entirely unimpressed.
“Oh no. Fire. What is it going to do? Burn me to the bone?” He asked and snapped the spear apart to toss it aside.
“Larry! We need divine magic here!” Sherry called out but the air around them flickered and grew… not exactly dark… but not exactly light. It was… moody. Nicely so. Steve slowly picked himself up and looked over as he and Sherry both saw the dwarf sitting on a rock a little ways away with some candles out, drinking from his waterskin. “What… Is he?” Sherry started.
“Larry! Did you just use the last of your magic to have a fucking wine break?!” Steve shouted at the dwarf who just held up a finger and kept upending his entire waterskin having turned it into wine. “Fucking healer’s union and their mandatory breaks!” Steve hissed.
“It doesn’t matter.” Sherry called out and pointed behind Scott as the army of barbarian werehuskies got closer, tearing apart the skeletons with ease. “You’re done Scott.”
“A dick isn’t done until there’s nothing left!” Scott screamed back and drove his staff into the ground. “It might take me a thousand years but I can dig myself out eventually! Can you?!” He asked as the cliffs all around them began to shake and rumble. The shadowlighting from the dark sky coursing out and striking at the rocks as it became clear he planned to bury everyone here with him.
Fenrina slowly pulled herself up besides the machine then and raised a hand. “Steve! Bone me!”
“Ugghh…” Steve groaned.
“Uuuugghhh…” Sherry shuddered.
Larry just kept drinking wine.
“Okay… even I think that was especially crass.” Scott sighed.
“What? Why are you all…” Fenrina looked confused and waved her hand. “Steve! The bone! In your hand! Throw it to me! BONE ME!”
“Oh. OH!” Steve hastily reached back and hurled the arm towards her. Scott tried to reach up and grab it but it just cleared his fingers allowing Fenrina to snatch it out of the sky and shove it into the grinder at the front of the engine. The whole thing crackled as Scott’s extremely potent fossilized remains sent a surge of energy through it and the wreckage of Steve’s machine drove forward.
“Noooo!” Scott screamed out just before the grinder slammed into him, but the wreck was halted against the staff stuck into the ground. The engine shuddered and sparks rose up around it as it was filled with energy.
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[Let's Build] businesses and trades in a frontier outpost or settlement

NOTE: We are out of room. Post continues here:
Some people are attracted to the frontier of civilization for the adventure. Others might be drawn there for a host of reasons; looking to make coin in a new market, keeping ahead of the law, spreading their faith, bringing order and strengthening the borders of their homeland, or perhaps a noble house has too many scions and hopes that one late-born member might make good with his share of the family coffers.
Let’s build a list of NPCs with businesses and trades in a frontier outpost or settlement.
I’m about to introduce simplified kingdom building mechanics to my Pathfinder Campaign. Basically, it allows your adventurers to govern and grow the settlement they are based in. So I’m looking to make a list of businesses and trades that might be compelled to put stakes down in a frontier outpost with colorful NPCs that might provide plothooks and role-play opportunities.
In my campaign the adventurers are getting a charter from the local military to rebuild a settlement in an abandoned town they have just cleared out of undead and bandits (nominally). It will begin as a outpost to the guard, but can be reoccupied by the former residents, serve as homes for new wonderers, refugees and eager enterprisers. It’s a location that can attract low-fantasy motifs of traditional trades but also allows for interlopers from the feywilds and other planes. So businesses could range from the mundane, such as tanneries or grain mills to the exotic and arcane like a drug den but where the intoxicants are dreamscapes from the feywilds.
Interested in storyhooks and interesting npcs. If you are familiar with any kingdom building mechanics feel free to drop in any additional info that might help GMs—building stats, building costs, settlement effects. Just descs are fine too.
Edit: Feel free to suggest similar businesses already on the list if you have a different spin on it. A little competition is healthy.
d100 Name Desciption
1 Bottlejaw’s Barbershop (and Dentistry) The spinning helix of the barber pole atop the shingle of criss-crossing razors and shears placemarks Bottlejaws Barbershop. Edmund Bottlejaw, an always-smiling halfling whose pleasant demeanor might be a professional front has a ramshackle building with very expensive touches. Perhaps the centerpiece is a shiny leather-upholstered hydraulic chair that adjusts not just for the variety of heights of his customers, but also comes with restraints when his work involves the occasional tooth extraction. Busts of humanoids showcase different styling and services, including a dwarf sporting beard-wigs intricately plaited and an orc with a hairpiece dramatically adorned and dyed. He is assisted by a silent and brooding young aasimar, Rajar, who mainly sweeps and appears to be able to provide the muscle.
2 Erastil’s Blessings: Seed bank and lending Library An elderly human and a baby-nursing half-elf woman came into town on an elk-drawn tarp-covered carriage. Most of their belongings were stacks and stacks of practical books, almanacs, manuals, plants guides and many copies of Parables of Erastil, the holy text of the elder god for a traditional way of life. Molthuse and Nirmal are a fount of practical knowledge. They set up quiet places to read and reference their library in a simple wooden structure, allowing visitors to copy information on paper available for purchase. Nirmal is also in charge of a thriving garden, often pressing cuttings and seedling to visitors. Near the entrance of the library, stands pots of seedballs for sale, seeds of useful plantlife and nutrient packed in mud.
3 The Central Prospect A small shed with a stable door, operated by Able, an elderly dwarven fellow with a bald head and long grey scraggley beard. The "store" provides basic tools for prospecting, crow bars, shovels, pick axes, gold pans, etc. Able also has well documented maps of the area showing points of interest.
4 Riverbottom Candleshop Wendy Riverbottom was one of the first inhabitants of area, in fact only the oldest explorers can even remember her moving in. One question always comes up when they see her shop, “Why a Chandler in the middle of nowhere?” to which she gleefully replies that everyone enjoys the light aroma of a candle or a well-crafted bar of soap. She’s open to share her history about the world but strictly adamant against anyone going downstairs to the workshop and seeing the crafting process.
5 The Loose Stool A tavern run by a dwarf named Kirgan. The interior looks nearly as rundown as the exterior of the building. Creaky floors, tables with uneven legs, and to top it off, the bar top is only 3 feet high to cater to Kirgan's shortness. He is old, even for a dwarf, sporting long gray unkempt hair. He is rather grumpy, always having something to complain about. Don't you dare ask him about the scar on the side of his face or you'll regret it. All that aside he sells great ale by the barrel to travelers interested in taking the party to go
6 Aegert’s Breads The small cart parked in the center of the settlement has become a familiar sight to the residents. The cart serves as the shop for Joarr Aegert, the resident half-orc baker, to sell his breads. While his rolls and loaves are nothing fancy, they are tasty and filling. Joarr is saving up to buy a small home so that his wife and children can come join him. He misses them dearly, and they him.
7 Illia's Rug Shack The hunch-backed, plump-faced woman who runs this decrepit store out of what was once a large tool shed doesn't have a set price on a single one out of the dozens of crude rugs she sells out of the dusty shack, but despite her condescending demeanor she is usually willing to let potential customers haggle for them. Illia is almost never seen outside of her store and nobody is quite sure how she gets her rugs. Secretly, Illia is a hag who uses the store as a front for her child peddling business. If you go to the back door at night and knock in a specific pattern, then mention her secret passcode: "worm food," she will sell you any of the children she keeps locked in the back bound and gagged, for the right price. Illia has an orc bodyguard who can usually be seen standing outside the front of the store smoking a pipe.
8 Pete’s Pelts Pete mostly mumbles, but he is an excellent hunter. Pete sells pelts and dried animal meat. He also sells assorted hunting supplies. He has a small shack he lives in. His furs and other wears are hanging in a barn just outside guarded by his old dog, Grungy . Pete is also a master fletcher and will build specialty arrows for you for the right price.
9 Mat’s Maps A man named Mathew who sells maps next to his twin brother.
10 Map’s Mats A man named Mapthew who sells mats and rugs next to his twin brother.
11 Coinz4Shineez A small stall operated by a group of Goblins. They exchange gems, gold, anything of value for coins. They offer a favourable rate, but will not haggle. Loot is placed on a set of scales, and the appropriate coins appear in a small chest. The loot then goes in the chest and disappears. They are underwritten by a noble wizard in the capital.
12 B'Rody's General Store This recently widowed Dragonborn has packed up her wagon caravan in the South and set up shop in the North where her remaining family can be found. She's made her fortune dealing in exotic goods and just wants a bit of peace and quiet. Caution: She is known to breath fire at shoplifters. (pro. Bah' Rudy)
13 M'uhctek's Market Ash M'uhctek, a half-elf moon druid and initiate wizard that leans heavily towards the teachings of Solonor Thelandira, owns the largest produce stall in town. Carries a bit of everything in his wagon and loves to trade. He struck a deal with the local council for a farm and the large swath of forest behind it to remain untouched. In return he uses Plant Growth to bolster harvests in the province. Oddly enough he does this in every town he visits and has set up quite a few franchises and private wildlife preserves.
14 Black Books: Bernard Black is the owner of this small, dusty and very disorganized book shop. He is a disheveled misanthrope, cynical alcoholic, and a proud chain smoker. He has a strong disdain for people and avoids interaction with his few customers as much as possible. On occasions where he is forced into interaction with customers his response is snarky and mocking. The shop has an incredible collection of books, but almost all of them are in terrible condition — Bernard has read them all.
15 Laif and Kheem's Frontier Furnishing Laif is a viking as he is pictured in books and on the embossments of viking shields. His majestic beard is always waxed and his posture is proud and loyal to the gods of order and justice. Kheem is a mounted archer as is portrayed by legends and frightened battle reports of the tribes of the tundra. His beard is like that of a mighty dragon and his shoulders are guarded by the heads of beasts whom he hath' slain.The two are united only by honor and their great adventure, of which they are the only survivors. Having done their share, they traded in the one or other limb for experience and settled to construct the settlements of your oncoming NPCs. (They are actually still pretty badass, but Laif can't speak common!)
16 Ar-Og's very good tools Ar-Og is a troll or possibly orc, or a half-breed of some sort. We don't know. His temper is as slow as dripping tar, and nothing seems to get him into anything related to the bloodrush of those whom he possibly is related to. Except if you question the quality of his tools. Which, as he proclaims, are very good.If you need a hammer, or perhaps a bizarre axe to chop trees which grow in nooks of some stone canyon, just barely out of reach from a regular axe, he is your man! Or possibly troll.
17 Questionable Ehrnard's Questionable Products! Look, there's nobody for miles - the last shepherd you saw was literally just an unsupervised dog. Really, that there's any store at all is a small miracle. Thinking anything about the economics of running this store would have clued you in on the questionable nature of its owner and products. But what you see is what you get and some of the products don't seem terrible. Plus, it's not like you can be picky, just watch your pack while you're inside.
18 Infernal Delights Diner This seemingly quaint diner has a charming and flirty red teifling cook by the name of Pot and a demure and empathetic server ‎aasimar‎ by the name of Cake. These two are always playfully arguing with one another and always seem to know just a bit more than they should about their customers. They are in fact an angel and a devil who have abandoned their posts and now reward or punish customers in mysteriously karmic ways. Locals don't know exactly what goes on in the dinner but they know its a good way to test whether visitors are trouble makers or future friends so often will send any new visitors to the dinner.
19 Gregarious Gnome Gebby's Quality Used Golems! Gebby is a fast talking, slick haired, and sharply dressed salesman with a bevy of used golems of all types. He provides them to rent or own but if you to fail return the golem in time he will charge a generous interest rate and if it comes back too damaged? Well you break it you buy it! The golems are useful for protecting the town and building houses and Gebby makes a good deal of coin providing their services but he might be willing to give a discount if you can help repair some of his damaged golems or help retrieve a late payment or two.
20 Keara's Bar & Barbershop Keara Blackblade is a retired dwarf soldier who has opened up her dream business. She serves fine drink and will trim your hair and beard into fine styles. She loves her job and she assures you she cuts hair best when drunk. Her husband Nug Blackblade a cigar chomping grump runs the bar while she cuts hair and is less pleased about the work than his wife if only because his supply of drink is constantly running low.
21 The Spit A tavern housed in a small two storey building. The tables are placed around the walls, and a staircase rises to the next floor at the back of the room. In the centre of the room is a fire pit, with meat of unknown varieties cooking on spits over the flames. The proprieter is a friendly Orc-ish fellow (he's part Orc, so he's Orc-ish) by the name of Grub. The upper floor is a mezzanine that circles the inside of the building. There is a hole in the centre of the roof that the smoke billows from. In bad weather, Grub will hoist a canvas sheet over the outside of the hole, filling the building with smoke.
22 Watery Fowls A tavern on the main trade road with a short-tempered and incompetent Elven owner Basil, his wife Sybil, a Dwarven chef called Munnuel, and an Aasimar receptionist called Polly. Basil is spectacularly racist, and tries to micromanage everything, to hilarious consequence.
23 Poe and Shaun's Potion Shop There they were, two Halflings with a dream. They wanted a store where they could test their experimental potions and make a little money on the side. Their potion shop is covered in bottles, hanging down so people must brush them aside to even make their way to the counter. A constant bubbling and hissing from mixtures can be heard throughout. Poe handles the social interactions while Shaun can be found in the back, wearing thick goggles and testing out their experiments. Sure they have some of the boring regular potions one might find at any store, but where's the fun in that when you could have a gander at Potion Experiment #626?
24 Prickly's Fortunes Within a large cactus resides an equally prickly dryad. This sarcastic and snarky dryad is willing to trade fortunes and, for major deeds, resurrections in exchange for environmental activities. She is tuned to the frontier and can sense any potential threat to the wilderness of these lands and request a task capable of her visitors, so a farmer will get their fortunes told by planting some bushes but an adventurer? Well, she will likely expect more.
25 Hunters and Slayers Triplet Catfolk Rangers running a beast and monster slaying company. Prrrr favors monstrosities, Grrrr favors beasts, and Hsss favors staying at the office selling the hides, meat, teeth, and other goods his siblings harvest from their hunts. They are always willing to share the profits for an especially dangerous hunt.
26 Grilled Bears A wilderness survival store with a focus on the essentials like rope, knives, tinderboxes, etc. They sell a proprietary magical canteen that refills to full whenever it is emptied. Sadly, the contents only refills with water, and it always tastes like urine. The owner, known as BG, has a habit of overstating his knowledge and lies constantly about his past in the elite guard.
27 Meer Ray A kind Tabaxi fellow offering lessons in surviving the wilderness. Starting with the basics of building a fire and making camp, patrons can progress to more advanced skills like tracking, hunting and herbalism. Ray also has a selection of survival tools available, but they tend to be more advanced than his competitor GB's wares.
28 Rocky Rambler's Rolling Canyons! "Hi, I'm Rocky Rambler! Have you recently moved onto a new property in a sparse frontier and need to remodel your landscape? Then boy, do I have the product for you! Get new Landscape Rolls TM! Ever bought rolls of sod? The cheap dead grass rolled up in bundles? Well now you can buy rolls of just about anything! Want a green meadow filled with blooming wildflowers? Slap it down, roll it out! Want bumpy landscape with rocks and cactus? Unroll it like a rug! Or even a babbling brook for relaxing white noise? They may leak, but they're loaded with fish! You want a heavenly cloudscape? Well, it'll likely float off once you lay it down, but we've got 7 left over from a refunded order! For the next week and a half, buy any two landscapes and get a roll of Clouds absolutely FREE (with purchase of any two outdoor landscapes, offer invalid with wooden floor rolls and interiors, limit one cloud roll per person per day, offer not valid on Thursdays, taxes and fees may apply, offer not valid to Cloud Giants, Cloud Dragons, or Air Elementals. No Refunds, all sales are final). So Come on down to Rocky Rambler's Rolling Canyons! Located adjacent to Rocky Rambler's Animal in a Bottle Warehouse and Enchanted Boot Emporium!"
29 Cold River Shipping Company Running up in the northern frontier near the Frozen Pines, the Company consists of a fleet of canoes, rafts, and barges along the rivers. Mainly shipping smaller goods or individuals across the rivers and streams, it is a loose outfit put together by four half-orc brothers with native help. They plan to gather enough funds to buy a ship good for breaking ice flows and make their business legitimate.
30 The Silver Sledge This mining corporation was formed earlier on during the beginning of the frontier by a prominent dwarf miner, Fuaser Robishau. Earning his fortune early on through a large silver payload, which he and his family defended savagely, he has now sponsored several other mines under his new corporation. He mainly favors fellow dwarves who come to work for him, setting them up as work crew bosses and foremen. He does not mind the cheating of common workers, but any who undercut him, even fellow dwarves, are often found outside of town with a pickaxe lodged in their skull.
31 Hedge Mage Headquarters The frontier proved a great opportunity for up and coming wizards wishing to establish a name for themselves after completing their apprenticeships. Founded by the gnome Fullbery "School Marm" Washup, the headquarters functions as a secondary academy, lodging, and work area, but also as contact for services requiring magic. While the work is not nearly as precise or as epic as from master wizards, it provides affordable and regular services.
32 The Stoor "Come on up, don't be shy. Sure it's not much but—oh pardon me, let me pull that carpet back down o'er the box, er, shop here. But we got just what you need this far out. What things? Oh you know, lots of things. Many things. I keep them tucked behind this box for safety is all. It's one of them bags o' holdin'... but a box. Oh these? These rocks? Oh these are, uh, rocks... the finest rocks in the land. No better rocks out there, I got 'em all righ' here. And I spent a fair bit o' time searching for them, no need to thank me. Now are you buyin' a rock or not?"
33 Graves Lost & Found An unusual partnership with an greedy female Ratfolk Ranger named Rugel and a noble female Centaur Cleric name Clover. The two seek out the frontier for unmarked graves of fallen travelers. Clover performs rights upon the corpse, speak with dead to find out who they are, burns the body, and recovers the ashes. Rugel tracks the bodies down, steals anything of value off the body, investigates for any clues regarding the identity of the person, and gets info when Clover speaks with dead about any other treasures the dead may know of. They are hired to find the graves of lost travelers and return the ashes or they will try to return the ashes if they get the name of the family of the perished traveler. They also have a shed of unidentified ashes they hold on to. The information they get from the dead can also be purchased from this odd pair.
34 Belix's Obelisks and Menhir Workshop and Delivery Belix appears to be human in most respects, if one of prodigious dimensions. What might give an observer pause is his incredible strength, evident as he works his trade, literally carving out a natural wall-face to produce oblong menhirs that tower over most people and easily hefting the pure rock sculptures as if it were no heavier than a sack of feathers. It is rumored that the menhirs might be the source of his strength, but none of his customers appear any more vital. However no one can deny the charm of his simple but impressive handiwork, the Founders Stone a simple giant obelisk that towers in the town square, being an excellent example. He is always working on a few extra obelisks and menhirs just in case despite the limited market, but in his many hours of downtime he hunts boars, with one or two always on a spit roast at his quarry. He’ll accept coin, but some have discovered he will barter nearly any task or item for a potion, any potion. He appears to be looking a particular potion, but he’s willing to try any in his maniacal quest.
35 The Outlook A small tavern with a few spare rooms for any travelers making their way through. It's a nice place to stop at if you need to rest up and take stock before heading out. The main draw though are the scouts that like to hang around and guide any newcomers. There's a bit of competition among the scouts as business isn't exactly thriving this far out. The unspoken agreement among them is they each have a specialized area of what they know and they stick with it. Know ahead of time where you're going if you want a guide from here or else there's sure to be a bar fight among the guides. As troublesome as it sounds, these guides are certainly experts of their area.
36 Eastwood's Stables This gruff cowboy is a literal cow-boy. A Minotaur that gave up the life of a bounty hunter to raise and sell horses to those in need. A loner who prefers the company of horses he known to be fair if rude. One would be wise not to cross Eastwood, he is as dangerous as he looks.
37 Ranch and Menagerie Grove This Druid Grove is home to a Druid Collective that both protects and sells the creatures kept within the grove. They provide some of the animals within the grove for hunting or labor, for a price, as long as excessive damage is not done to the frontier. They have also been know to go out to hunt down poachers that threaten the wildlife of the frontier. They are willing to provide services if one brings them rare beasts of the frontier to be protected within the grove.
38 Big Dog's Casino Run by Big Dog, an awakened bulldog, this high-end casino is where those who have earned their riches in the frontier can socialize and gamble in safety and fun. Big Dog is a mysterious dog seeming to have lived through several major events in history and is far more clever than he appears at first glance. He has somehow convinced a cyclops, Snake Eye, to man the door and a pair of bugbear brothers, Blackjack and Roulette, acting as muscle within the casino itself. His employees are remarkably loyal and protective of Big Dog, which is good because he has far more enemies than any dog should.
39 The Holy Church An aged Cleric Elf runs a church of the town known only as Father and rumored to have come from the Fey realm. A child that was possessed by a demon was visited by the Father and it is said that when he walked into the room the Demon-possessed child went silent, then screamed, and the demon banished itself. The grounds of the church is truly hollowed ground as one can feel the divine energy radiating from it to the point that it glows ever so slightly at night.
40 The Public Library Run by a Kitsune Bard Loremaster, named Shu, and her adopted daughter, a Changeling, named Frell. These two shapshifters gather knowledge from the frontier and record them into the books of the library, making magical copies to send to other libraries around the world. They are willing to pay for any unique knowledge you may offer and the library is free to use for anybody though there is a donation box. Usually only one will be in the library as the other would be searching the frontier for unique plants, creatures, or lore to add to their books.
41 Normal Carpentry This place is completely normal. It does carpentry. There is no sinister basement. There is no evil cult. Its just a normal carpentry shop. We are not aberrations.
42 Under Well Shop A well has appeared though its waters seem toxic and its seems a shop is attached to it underground. It's keeper, a cloaked in Drow, possess goods only found within the underdark. The shop owner will tell you a creature is within the waters of the well polluting it and it needs to be slain to purify the water.
43 Lake Town A nearby lake has had a settlement of aquatic races move in. A gillman named Ted runs the trading post between the town and the lake. He holds a bevy of goods created and harvested by the citizens of the lake.
44 Tim Tim Tom's Cobbler Store Tim Tim Tom is a true master cobbler. A halfling who makes the highest quality shoes in the frontier, perhaps the world. His shoes are incredibly comfortable and near indestructible as his skill is so polished it seems divinely touched. Nearly everybody in town has a custom pair make for them despite the incredible prices he charges as he is willing to take payments over the course of years for permanent residents. But if adventures want a pair of his shoes you will need to gather some of his rare material.
45 Jackdaw's Discount Weapons Jackdaw is a weaponsmith who gets about half of his stock from adventurers passing through with weapons they looted off of fallen foes. As a result, much of his loot is eclectic and unique in its style and material.
46 Fangjaw's Proteccy Clothez A lizardfolk armorer who doesn't speak great common, but makes damn good armor, whether it be metal or hide. He moved out here because in the bigger cities, his accent proved more of a deterrent than out here.
47 Athena's Aegis A female former gladiator who specializes in making magical protective shields. Especially those that can be thrown into the enemies' faces. (Captain America style)
48 Lone Star Courier A courier service that gives zero regard for the safety of their deliverymen and as a result, will rarely refuse a contract. However, they are also always looking for new couriers.
49 Goldie's Bank and Storage Services: This bank (one of many) is run by gold tinted Kobolds serving a particularly organized and neurotic Gold Dragon, Goldie, who uses the holdings as their hoard. The bank holds onto goods and money allowing it to accrue interest as long as the holder checks in once a year. If the holder does not show during a year the treasure is held but no interest is gained. Treasure can be retrieved if proof of ownership or holder returns and a holding fee is paid. If the holder is found dead and the initial insurance is not paid the treasure becomes the property of the bank. The bank will often set up bounties to determine if the holders are alive or dead and request proof of either. Killing a holder during a bounty mission has serious consequences and those who kill holders or those who have not paid off their loans have especially high bounties put up by the bank.
50 Gible Gom's Circus A strange circus that seems to pop in and out of existence within the town. Run primarily by Goblins and Hobgoblins they put on exciting acrobatic and athletic feats, enchanting performances, and spectacular magical tricks. The people are a bit wary but those who go seem to truly enjoy the show and miraculously the only money lost is that willingly spent. Some very angry looking elves from the Fey have been seen staring at the circus but they vanish before anybody gets close. Gible, the circus master Hobgoblin, seems nervous and is seeking help regarding the elves.
51 Helding’s Hardware Helding's Hardware is a small tool shop run by the owner and sole employee Javis Helding. The store is a small but well-kept building situated between two larger buildings on either side, making the clay brick shop appear even smaller. Multiple racks line the walls and form aisles in an orderly fashion, each one holding his collection of a certain tool. Hammers, shovels, saws. Javis almost always has something that fits the bill, and if he doesn’t, he’ll make sure the blacksmith starts working on something that does. Javis himself is a burly halfling, an uncommon combination of words that nonetheless describes the 4-foot high bundle of good humor and masculinity. Nothing matters more to him than his tiny shop and the people he meets there. Those that know him know that when they walk through his door, they will get the best help he can provide.
52 Fettlepox's Studio Mauxi Fettlepox is a lanky figure who while known to be temperamental exercises the best manners. His business is not so much a storefront as a narrow alcove where he stacks the canvases he paints. On the sidewalk he places a few easels displaying of his most recent work—typically a maelstrom of frenzied brushstrokes that coalesce to an enthralling simulacrum of his subject. When the easels change, it is a minor event, with even critics pausing to update their opinions. It has become a habit to drop a coin in a tin bowl beneath the work, the clinking announcing each viewer. There’s often an unsettling quality to the work even as they are undeniably captivating, much like the man himself. His ethnicity, heck, even his race, is difficult to place—human might be the best guess going by his ears and dun pigmentation. But there’s something other about him. There’s some talk that he might seal a part of his subject’s soul in his paintings—that’s surely hogwash… But why can’t he never be found in his room at the tavern he rents out? And how does outdrink the stoutest dwarf with none the worse for wear?
53 Cold Justice Law House Judge Jaws, a lizardfolk Inquisitor, judges the criminal of the frontier with his lawmen. Deputy Chill a Water Suli and Sheriff Scorch a Fire Suli. Chill is a Ranger and Scorch is a Monk. Chill finds and Scorch runs down and beats them senseless. Recently they found a bandit camp and need some help taking them down.
54 Frenti Chartered Architect & Assoc. In a display of her skills, the entrance to Aleski Frenti’s offices are accessible via a mechanical contraption she calls “the elevator.” A balcony encircles her office allowing visitors to circumambulate and observe the vista of the growing outpost. The office itself is busy with workspaces covered with blueprints and designs. Tableaus with maps and plans can be wheeled around the space; a number of draftstables have active building designs underway; and a giant table allows for papers to be spread widely with many half-drunk cups of a some brown syrupy liquid scatter upon it, sometimes apparently serving as paperweights. A narrow winding staircase apparently leads to Aleski’s quarters. She is often found bent over a blueprint, scribbling notes with her sleeves folded to her elbows. Her assistant, a young gnome, Jerfery often follows behind her collecting the scraps of paper in her wake. While she is retained by the Council, she can be hired by private individuals either to design or consult.
55 Cool Winds' ButcheAnita's Fight Club An androgynous undine named Jacky (isn’t too hung up on pronouns) and a half-orc who goes by Anita run the cold store and butchery. Jacky is undoubtedly the face of the establishment, and apparently responsible for the cool temperature generally and the arctic chill in the meat room. Jacky does the more traditional butchery, trapping game, quartering and dressing carcasses, and preparing and preserving meats. They have become a regular supplier to a few homes and businesses but they will handle meats on request. Anita is reticent and gruff. However, she hosts a “secret” fight club after hours once a week in the meat room with Jacky’s reluctant consent. Victors, and scrappy losers, even, can expect eye contact, discounts and even a smile from Anita. The fraternity of brawlers is becoming a real thing in the outpost.
56 Sir Calleb Dallas's Home for Orphans and Wayward Children Sir Calleb Dallas, a human, was from a high ranking noble family who tried to become more selfless and charitable by opening an Orphanage in the frontier. Unfortunately his noble upbringing has left him ill-suited to frontier life and dealing with rambunctious children. To make matters worse his family has cut off funding to his orphanage! This desperate situation has caused the eldest and most dedicated orphan, Red an 60 year old Elf (technically still a child), to run off into the frontier for some treasure to save the orphanage. If you can go find and rescue Red, Calleb is willing to give up a treasured family heirloom as a reward.
57 Expose Inc. Expose Inc. is a trio of mystery-solving reporters. The blond male trap master Aasimar named Ascot is the leader of the group. The clumsy attractive redhead half-elf sorceress in purple robes is named Dnger Pronee is the interviewer, and the female bespectacled gnome loremaster, Jinkies, is the head researcher and writer. A monster is scaring off the new owners of the Belfast Manor, will you help them capture the creature and get the story?
58 Fey Pharmaceutical Delights A skinny cowardly Drow Fey Druid in a green shirt wearing a brown mushroom hat, named Norville, runs a shop with drugs of various effects from both the Fey realm and the Underdark. His best friend is an awoken equally cowardly talking dog, named Dooby. Both act as if effected by their product but they are in truth just silly and simple. Will trade product for delicious food. They will give the very best of their product if you get the legendary God Dog Biscuits for them to snack on.
59 Markus the Canoe-Maker Markus… he doesn’t make canoes. It’s a just a moniker that stuck for the meticulous way he hollows out the corpses of the departed that no one claims, making careful anatomist sketches and inks. Otherwise, he provides sombre, brief, professional funeral services, minus the homilies, demonstrating a savant-level knowledge of faiths and cultures. Those services go a long way to balance out the gaunt, sallow wizard’s macabre pursuits—that and his restraint in raising the dead. In fact, he’s probably the best person around for an exorcism or discreet consultation about the ol’ family ghost. Perhaps unsurprisingly he’s quite the expert in pathology, either coming to unerring conclusions or withholding his judgment. When in doubt, he will simply cast speak to the dead, a task that the local law have been known to require.
60 Quality Custom Magic Jewelry This ant colony is a hive mind that burst out of the ground and created a house sized ant hill. No one is sure how they came to be or where they come from but they seem friendly enough. To create the jewelry a person must sacrifice an item of great sentimental importance to the customer, high quality gems, precious metals or rare bones, a cup of the customer's tears, a pint of customer's blood, and 25 pounds of sugar and/or sweets. The ants will take the items and work for 2 weeks to create unique magical jewelry usable only by the customer or their heirs with abilities that match the customer's personality. They can only make one such item for each person though they can still make high quality normal jewelry if the raw material and 10 pounds of sugar and/or sweets is provided. If the ants see you as receptive they may ask for help in stopping their former master from finding and enslaving it. Their former master is a wizard that has changed himself permanently into an ant monster that can control ants psychically.
61 Lydia’s Arbor The dryad Lydia welcomes all visitors to her small arbor, maintaining a staff of workers to harvest the fruit trees she nurtures. Parents have learned that they can safely keep their children in her care. Adventurers short on coin might spend a night under the canopy of her orchards. In exchange of a favor, she might even woodshape an enchanted object. She is well-versed in the medicinal properties of her plants. That a dryad would choose to make a home in a frontier town would rightly surprise a visitor. Much like others of her kind, Lydia began her life with an aversion to civilization. It was only when her grove was met with destruction, not by the woodmen that were pushing back the forest, but by an enormous wildfire that her destiny was altered. Lydia melded herself to her oak tree, resigned to her fate when a druid compelled her to withdraw. The human druid took her back to a hamlet and kept her alive. Though weak, she wandered the hamlet drawn to its oldest tree, amazed at the care the inhabitants took to that tree in particular. She swallowed her bitterness at how this tree could survive amidst humanity who destroyed so much of nature and communed with the elder tree. That experience changed her. The druid led her back to the tree that she had bonded with. There a sapling had sprung where the giant oak once stood. She carefully uprooted the sapling and set out to find another frontier town where she could set her roots, and possibly proselytize a green way forward.
62 Fritz's Magic School Wagon This small yellow wagon is larger on the inside and can house an entire class of students. It can also transform, shrink, grow, and travel between the planes. The teacher is a powerful human fey sorceress. With her iguana familiar and class in tow they take the wagon on magical educational trips. She is looking for some chaperones to help her on her next grand trip to hell!
63 The Doll Maker This quaint little shop is surprisingly dark. Inside are countless dolls and stuffed animals of very high quality though some look off-putting and creepy. The shop owner is a vampire named Dex who who drinks from a heart of never ending blood. He really loves his dolls. Dex has a private collection of old, possibly haunted, dolls. If you promise to care for them, Dex will give you one of his special custom-made dolls or stuffed animals. They are very special dolls.
From the beautiful minds of u/no4u, u/generic_brand_cola, u/IAMA_llAMA_AMA, u/ASzinhaz, u/Kardinalin, u/Table_Bang, u/Papenhausen, u/generic_brand_cola, u/Hwga_lurker_tw, u/Woopdeedo, u/Ytumith, u/ceilius, u/FadoraNinja, u/WitchDearbhail, u/Patchwork18, u/SquiddneyD, u/GhastlyKing, u/ThePragmaticPimp
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What's happening around town (Wed, Jun 19th - Tue, Jun 25th)

Tulsa's event list.

Wednesday, Jun 19th

Thursday, Jun 20th

  • blackbear - dead 2 the world tour (Cain's Ballroom - Tulsa) Start Time: 6:30pm
  • Black Gold Days (Black Gold Park - Glenpool) Thru Sun, Jun 23rd Black Gold Days in Glenpool celebrates the city's rich oil history with family-oriented activities and fun. Join…
  • Tulsa Drillers vs Amarillo Sod Poodles (ONEOK Field - Tulsa) Thru Sun, Jun 23rd Gather your crew and head to ONEOK Field for a dose of Double-A baseball when the Tulsa Drillers take on the Amarillo…
  • Fiddler on the Roof (Tulsa Performing Art Center - Tulsa) Thru Sun, Jun 23rd "Fiddler on the Roof," the Tony Award-winning musical that has captured people's hearts with its universal…
  • 😂 Janet Williams (Loony Bin - Tulsa) Thru Sat, Jun 22nd
  • Pinto World Championship Horse Show (Expo Square - Tulsa) Thru Sat, Jun 22nd Come to the Pinto World Championship Horse Show at Tulsa's Expo Square to witness the largest gathering of Pinto horses,…
  • Rig Time (The Vanguard - Tulsa) Start Time: 7:30pm
  • Road to Deadfest (The Shrine - Tulsa) Start Time: 8:00pm
  • 🎓 USAOK Wrestling Junior National Duals (Cox Business Center - Tulsa) Thru Sat, Jun 22nd Start Time: 8:00am

Friday, Jun 21st

  • Black Gold Days (Black Gold Park - Glenpool) Thru Sun, Jun 23rd Black Gold Days in Glenpool celebrates the city's rich oil history with family-oriented activities and fun. Join…
  • Tulsa Drillers vs Amarillo Sod Poodles (ONEOK Field - Tulsa) Thru Sun, Jun 23rd Gather your crew and head to ONEOK Field for a dose of Double-A baseball when the Tulsa Drillers take on the Amarillo…
  • Fiddler on the Roof (Tulsa Performing Art Center - Tulsa) Thru Sun, Jun 23rd "Fiddler on the Roof," the Tony Award-winning musical that has captured people's hearts with its universal…
  • Friday Night Test N Tune (Tulsa Raceway Park - Tulsa) Start Time: 6:00pm
  • Friday Night Trivia at Fair Meadows (Expo Square - Tulsa) Start Time: 6:00pm
  • Hank Williams Jr in Concert (Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tulsa - Catoosa) Join outlaw country legend Hank Williams Jr as he takes the stage at The Joint inside Hard Rock Hotel & Casino…
  • Inola Hay Days (Downtown - Inola) Day 1 of 2 Head to Inola this June for two fun-filled days for the whole family that celebrates Inola as the hay capital of the world.…
  • 😂 Janet Williams (Loony Bin - Tulsa) 1 day left
  • Night Demon, The Well, Crypt Trip, & more 6/21 (Cain's Ballroom - Tulsa) Start Time: 7:00pm
  • Pinto World Championship Horse Show (Expo Square - Tulsa) 1 day left Come to the Pinto World Championship Horse Show at Tulsa's Expo Square to witness the largest gathering of Pinto horses,…
  • Randall King (The Shrine - Tulsa) Start Time: 9:00pm
  • Southern Avenue (The Vanguard - Tulsa) Start Time: 7:30pm
  • The Stylees (Blackbird On Pearl - Tulsa) Start Time: 9:00pm
  • 🎓 USAOK Wrestling Junior National Duals (Cox Business Center - Tulsa) 1 day left Start Time: 8:00am
  • Wine, Eats & Easels (Rose District - Broken Arrow) Join the Broken Arrow community for an exciting annual arts celebration. Each year, Wine, Eats & Easels brings residents…
  • Woodcarving & Folk Arts Festival (Central Park - Broken Arrow) Day 1 of 2 Witness seasoned craftsmen transform wood, ceramic and other materials into works of art at…

Saturday, Jun 22nd

  • Tulsa Antique Advertising & Bottle Show (Expo Square - Tulsa) Come to Tulsa Expo Square to tour through an array of antiques at the Tulsa Antique Advertising & Bottle Show. Venture…
  • 🎡 Asian-American Festival 2019 (Martin Regional Library - Tulsa) Start Time: 11:00am
  • Black Gold Days (Black Gold Park - Glenpool) 1 day left Black Gold Days in Glenpool celebrates the city's rich oil history with family-oriented activities and fun. Join…
  • Breaking the Bible Belt Fest (The Vanguard - Tulsa) Start Time: 5:00pm
  • Cheers & Gears Auto Show (Charles Page High School Track - Sand Springs) Attend the annual Cheers & Gears Auto Show in Sand Springs for a look at shiny, souped up cars, trucks and motorcycles.…
  • Tulsa Drillers vs Amarillo Sod Poodles (ONEOK Field - Tulsa) 1 day left Gather your crew and head to ONEOK Field for a dose of Double-A baseball when the Tulsa Drillers take on the Amarillo…
  • Fiddler on the Roof (Tulsa Performing Art Center - Tulsa) 1 day left "Fiddler on the Roof," the Tony Award-winning musical that has captured people's hearts with its universal…
  • Tulsa Flea Market (Expo Square - Tulsa) Explore 50,000 square feet filled with antiques and collectibles at the Tulsa Flea Market. Head to Tulsa Expo Square, and…
  • Inola Hay Days (Downtown - Inola) Day 2 of 2 Head to Inola this June for two fun-filled days for the whole family that celebrates Inola as the hay capital of the world.…
  • Ian Moore (The Shrine - Tulsa) Start Time: 9:00pm
  • 😂 Janet Williams (Loony Bin - Tulsa) Last Day
  • Coweta Patriotic Festival (W of Coweta High School Stadium - Coweta) Gather up the family to celebrate the 4th of July early at Coweta's annual Patriotic Festival in June. Local musician…
  • Pinto World Championship Horse Show (Expo Square - Tulsa) Last Day Come to the Pinto World Championship Horse Show at Tulsa's Expo Square to witness the largest gathering of Pinto horses,…
  • Rose District Farmers Market (Rose District Plaza - Broken Arrow) Thru Sat, Oct 26th Start Time: 8:00am different music, events, and guests, each week
  • Roughneck Roller Derby Home Team Game (Ninowski Recreation Center - Broken Arrow) Roughneck Roller Derby League is hosting a sibling rivalry match between the Cherry Bombs and Red Dirt Rollers. It is…
  • TNT Tulsa List & Stock Block Race (Tulsa Raceway Park - Tulsa) Start Time: 9:00am
  • 🎓 USAOK Wrestling Junior National Duals (Cox Business Center - Tulsa) Last Day Start Time: 8:00am
  • 🏆 Watermelon Brawl: Summer Roller Derby (Ninowski Recreation Center - Broken Arrow) Start Time: 5:00pm Come join us in the air conditioning as Tulsa Elite meets Como Derby Dames and the Roughneck Home Teams face off for the first time in a Summer double header. Tickets: $8 - Advance tickets $10 - General admission at the door $8 - Veterans/Military personnel, First Responders and senior citizens Kids 12 years old and younger are FREE Time: Doors…
  • Woodcarving & Folk Arts Festival (Central Park - Broken Arrow) Day 2 of 2 Witness seasoned craftsmen transform wood, ceramic and other materials into works of art at…

Sunday, Jun 23rd

  • Black Gold Days (Black Gold Park - Glenpool) Last Day Black Gold Days in Glenpool celebrates the city's rich oil history with family-oriented activities and fun. Join…
  • Tulsa Drillers vs Amarillo Sod Poodles (ONEOK Field - Tulsa) Last Day Gather your crew and head to ONEOK Field for a dose of Double-A baseball when the Tulsa Drillers take on the Amarillo…
  • Fiddler on the Roof (Tulsa Performing Art Center - Tulsa) Last Day "Fiddler on the Roof," the Tony Award-winning musical that has captured people's hearts with its universal…
  • 😂 Gerald "Hurricane" Harris (Loony Bin - Tulsa)
  • Mechanize // Lucid Awakening (The Vanguard - Tulsa) Start Time: 8:00pm
  • 🎡 Salsa Festival (Oklahoma Aquarium - Jenks) Start Time: 12:00pm Prepare your tastebuds and join the Oklahoma Aquarium for its hottest event of the summer: Salsa Festival. Sample a variety…

Monday, Jun 24th

Tuesday, Jun 25th

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A summary of the first act of my JW rewrite.

Like I mentioned in other posts, I began working on a retelling of JW three years ago and at the current state, it's around 500 pages long. According to my estimations, it will be finished this summer, the french version at least (I don't think I'm bad in English so the writing of an english version is not impossible for me, it will be quite a big undertaking however and help might be needed). I've shared a link on this subreddit months ago (topic :, where the first two acts of the story are featured (the first half of the third one have been completed on the meanwhile). Near the end of this month, I will put another link for the updated version of Act I, II and a big chunk of Act III (up to Chapter XV)
Here's are the main changes from the movie and some of its features :
- Increased length, more akin to an epic movie ( than your average summer blockbuster.
- A more adult and darker tone, similar to Crichton novels or HBO's Westworld. While most of Act I is quite kid friendly with the park's visit and the characters introduction, the same can't be said for the latter parts of Act II and Act III in its entirety, espacially for some scenes of the latter due to their harsh nature.
- More accurate animals even though if the species introduced in the previous installments keep their appearence while the concept of different versions is discussed in one of the scenes.
- A larger cast and bestiary.
- A different esthetic for the park. While the most remote parts of it have a safari feel akin to what can be seen in Universal's Parks or Jurassic Park itself, the main hub is a ancient-looking city called Burroughs and whose architecture have heavy precolombian and Spanish revival style inspirations.
- Although it is mostly based on JW, it also includes some elements from Fallen Kingdom.
- A 3 Acts structure like I mentioned earlier, with a prologue set at the beginning of the construction of JW in the early 2000's and an epilogue heavily inspired by one of the original novel scenes.

Here's the list of the chapters :

I wrote on one of the answers of another post that I will post on this subreddit summaries of the finished chapters. Today, I will publish the ones of the Prologue and Act I's chapters. The next ones should come later this month or in the next one.
But before reading them, I think it's better to have a look on this list of the characters I created for this story, to know who is who because some of them are mentioned in the summaries.
InGen Jurassic World employees Regina Powers, public relations director. Jonas, head zookeeper and curator of the large theropods. Lambert Ross, manager of the Merry Iguanodon. Neil Harrimann, control room technician. Ivan Preston, Wu’s most trusted genetician.
InGen Security (the slayers) Gregor Sherman, leader of the slayers. Damian Parker, the youngest of the slayers. Olivia Decker, Sherman's right hand woman. Paco Cortès, a Tun-Si. Nolan Olsen Reynald Faraci Kevin Leng
Board of directors Susan Lynton, vice president. Alistair Iger, public relations director and spokesman of InGen. Dominick Silverman, chief financial officer.
Grey Guard Nublar's garrison Gilbert Brunet, a french ex-mercenary who became a lieutenant in the Grey Guard. Nataliya Darbinian, the russian warrant officer of Brunet’s platoon. Leif Drekanson, a norwegian sergeant in Brunet’s platoon. Erin Laurence, an australian lieutenant. Duncan Glenmore, a scottish lieutenant. Patience Bellamy, an american sergeant in Brunet’s platoon. Julio Velasquez, a costarican recruit. Tamara Durant, an american recruit. Mei Tian, a chinese recruit. Gareth Turner, an english recruit. Ben Rahim, an egyptian recruit. Vincent Chapuy, a french corporal. Percy Baker, a jamaican corporal.
Five Death's garrisons Niall Forrester, a canadian private. Selma Forrester, a canadian private. Zhuge Yu, a chinese lieutenant.
Others Cassandra Landis, journalist.

Prologue : The End of a Reign
After an opening scroll describing what happened after the San Diego incident and explaining the reasons behind the construction of Jurassic World, the story opens in some misty tropical rainforest and we witness a boa constrictor being preyed upon by an harpy eagle. The bird brings its prey at the top of a large tree and begins to eat but suddenly, a helicopter emerges from the mist, flying very close to the canopy. Said helicopter is actually searching somekind of large creature in the jungle. When the shooter onboard spots its, he informs a ground team about this.
On the ground, a small group of vehicles (the same thant the one used by the hunters in TLW) drives quickly. From a cage which top one of the vehicles, Hoskins lead the operation. He orders his men to stop in a small meadow and to wait for the target which is coming in their direction. As their target, a very large animal, emerges from the jungle, he orders the activation of a ultrasound-producing box. As the animal is bothered by the ultrasound and flees, Hoskins get a glimpse of it while its tails brush past the top of the cage, their target is non other than an adult T.rex. Hoskins order his men to follow the dinosaur and to force him to head in a certain direction. A jeep gets too close to the jaws of the T.rex and angered, the animal rams the vehicle with his head and the jeep barely escape the attack but doing so, it rolls on a big root and crashes. Inside the helicopter, the hunter put darts in his rifle and aims at the T.rex as it is heading towards a field. He misses his shot the first time but as the dinosaur is now in the open, he has a clearer view and this time he succesfully manage to tranquilise the animal which roars. The vehicles exit the jungle and circles the dinosaur, preventing it to go back into the jungle and the hunters wait for the tranquilizer to act. The body of the dinosaur is then put into a large truck by a flying crane. The vehicles used in the hunt are parked next to the truck and the hunters are relaxing while a documentalist is filming them and the tranquilised T.rex. Hoskins congratulates his men for the successful capture. They leave the area, escorting the transport truck, while passing next to decaying electrical fences and driving on one of Jurassic Park’s roads, now partially covered by grass. The Convoy enter the Embrace, a large U-shaped Valley (where the Gallimimus Stampede was witnessed by Grant and the kids in JP), heading towards a tunnel dug in the mountains. They enter and the vehicle emerges in a forested area but as one part of the road was taken away by a landslide, the convoy leave the road and exit the forest. As they are crossing a hilly zone, the documentalist takes her camera to photograph the skeleton of a brachiosaur as the convoy drive past it. Another skeleton is half-sunked in a waterhole and the convoy head towards the south-east, driving past cliffs overlooking a river called the Cartago. A few minutes later, they arrives at a bridge spanning the Rio Iris gorge and pass a portal guarded by armed men. As they are heading towards their destination, they see workers building some construction at the top of a rocky spur. The convoy descends into a valley and arrives in a construction site extending over dozens of hectares where workers and cranes are being busy around the skeleton of large buildings or digging a giant mine-looking hole in the middle of the site. The vehicles split up and the transport truck heads towards a complex delimited by giants walls. While Hoskins is talking with a cheerful Masrani at the other end of the telephonic line, the T.rex is being put in a quarantine paddock connected to its future paddock, still under construction. Nothing seems to threaten Jurassic World's construction.
Night fall and work stop for the day. On a ridge north of the Rio Iris, a female proceratosaurus is watching the camp. She then journeys accross the island back to the lair of her clan, located in the decaying jurassic park visitor center. Among the labs, several nests were built and next to one of them, the mate of the proceraotsaure awaits and together, they watch the first eggs of their clutch hatch.

Chapter I : A Long Expected Journey
The chapter starts with Zach and Gray arrival in Costa Rica on the 23rd December 2017. They board into a bus at Juan Santamarià Airport in San José, travel to the Pacific Coast and stops at Caldera, a port near Puntarenas, where they enter into a ferry terminal owned by Ogen Cruiselines, one of Masrani’s Global subsidiaries. There, the two brothers board into the largest ship of the company’s fleet, a 200 m+ ferry named The Avalon. When it leaves the harbour, it’s around midnight and the journey to Nublar taking between six and seven hours, the boys spend the night in their cabin.
They awoke the following morning before dawn. As Gray is walking the Avalon’s promenade deck, the ship enters into a thick veil of mist and passes near huge tower-like rock formations. As passengers are gathering on the bow, Isla Nublar slowly appears. The Avalon follow the southern coast of the island northward, heading to the Ferry Terminals, between the coast and a mountain. The passengers disembarks and inside said building, they take a metro that drives them through the mountain overlooking the terminal. They exit the cave and stumble into a narrow pass between the mountain’s spurs. At the end of the pass, their way is blocked by a massive wall that looks straight out of King Kong in their eyes, with a huge gate at its center, flanked by two massive tyrannosaur heads sculpts. A recorded voice, provided in-universe by one certain famous sci-fi actress, greets the newly arrived guests as an orchestral music with choirs plays. The gate finally opens, letting the visitors enter into the park. Behind the gate is Hammond’s Plaza, whose name is drawn from the statue of John Hammond that stands at its center. While Zach meets Zara, Gray goes to the panoramic viewpoint at the end of the plaza, overlooking Burroughs and the 25 hectares lagoon around which the city was built but also giving a view on a large part of the island, including the Cartago Valley, the Misty Monts and, at the northern end of the island, Mont Sibo.

Chapter II : The Eighth Wonder of the World
After they drop their luggage at their aunt’s house, the boys are bringed by to the Eastern Boardwalk. Since they have to met Claire in the volcano-shaped Discovery Center, they must take said boardwalk and Richard Owen Avenue, both featuring quite a number of shops and restaurants. As they walk in the busy avenue, the crowd in front of them make way to somekind of old-fashioned tramway but instead of being drawn by horses like in Disneyland, they are by mantellisaurs. Stepping out of the mantellisaurs and carriage’s way, they proceed and reach the Obelisk Plaza, cross it and reach the stairs leading to the bronze gates of the Discovery Center, guarded by two life-size giraffatitans stone statues. Entering the building, they head to the spacious rotunda, which main feature is a huge squatch field sized model of Isla Nublar. Claire arrives, chatting with two of her colleagues about the press conference scheduled for the same morning and complaining about a certain Henry. Once the conversation is done, she greets her nephews and talks briefly with them, telling them that since she will be busy all day, she is the park director after all, Zara will watch over them.
Following Claire’s advices, the brothers begins their tour by the zoo. They visit the Children’s Zoo, encountering and feeding with a special kind of granule avimimi, kunbarassaurs, hypsilophodonts and the juveniles of the largers herbivores that populate other attractions, including young ceratopsians which children can ride like shetland ponies ; have a glimpse of a presentation show where a zookeeper feeds a dimorphodon with mice ; passes next to the pachyrhinosaurs enclosure and walks after straight ahead to the Tyrannosaur’s Kingdom. As Gray watch the T.rex feeding, he notices that Zach is texting and Zara is on her phone, seeming to not pay attention the superpredator that is in front of their eyes, underlining the idea that watching live prehistoric creatures have became an experience not too dissimlar from watching a movie in 3D or riding a rollercoaster. This serves as a good transition to the beginning of the next chapter.

Chapter III : Panem Et Circenses
We come back to Claire as she is in the middle of the press conference that was mentioned earlier, It’s purpose is to discuss about the future of Jurassic World, including the development of its franchise (two others parks are planned to be built in Mediterranea and Southern China) and the direction that the Isla Nublar park will take. She mentions the phenomena of the normalization of cloned prehistoric animals in modern society, explaining that millions of people have seen them live at least once in their lifetime since the opening of Jurassic World, they are all over the internet, and InGen is selling animals to zoos and aquarias worldwide. That brings her to pretend that they need something very unique for their next new attraction, a man-made dinosaur species : The Indominus rex. In a short video, the attraction name is revealed : The I.rex Colosseum, scheduled to open in July 2018. Claire turns to Wu and he answers some of the journalists questions before playing an explanatory video featuring Mr DNA and himself in which they delivers a vulgarization of the process that aims to create entirely new species from scratch. The conference proceeds and ends around 11 a.m.
Leaving the Discovery Center like all the attendants to the conference, Claire brings along with her the envoys of a potential sponsor and they drive out of Burroughs, passing near the Administration building, sitting on the top of a rocky spur like a fortress or a monastery, before entering into a canyon that leads to an helipad at the base of a tall waterfall, the same one that was used in the time of Jurassic Park. Claire and the envoys waits there for the helicopter that will take them to the Colosseum and it lands shortly after. They notice that Simon Masrani is flying the aircraft, he greets them and Claire, surprised by his unexpected visit. They take off and the helicopter then heads north-east first, flying over apatosaurs and corythosaurs drinking in the Rio Iris gorges as one of the Jungle Cruise boats floating down the river and later, in the middle of the Cartago river, a group of baryonyx feasting on the arapaimas that zookeepers on the upper deck of one of the boats are feeding to them. They then bypass the Cartago Aviary, the largest in the whole world, encompassing over twenty hectares and being 200 meters tall at the top of its geodesic dome, and housing several pterosaurs species like geosternbergia, rhamphorhynchus and tupandactylus in a spectacular lush gorge and waterfalls environment. After a passage near the northern summit of the Misty Monts, the helicopter turns west, fly over a group of therizinosaurs, and enters the Embrace (a.k.a Kaaawa Valley for those familiar with the saga’s filming locations) where they see some safari trucks and herds of several dinosaurs, including dryosaurs, gallimimi, triceratops, parasaurolophuses and two mamenchisaurs near which the envoys sees a small group of riders wearing dark green-grey uniforms and watching over the dinosaurs and groups of tourists in the trucks. Masrani turns north and flies over one of the mountainous range encompassing the valley, heading first towards Mount Sibo. As they behold the desolate landscape at the volcano’s foot, one of the envoy ask Claire if they fear the effects of an eruption. She reassure them by saying they have taken every precaution recommended by the consulted volcanologists (i.e digging trenches to prevent fluid lava flows from reaching key installations), that a minor eruption in 2006 have actually attracted people on the island, and telling them that the volcano provides over sixty pourcent of their energy through the geothermal power plant. She points the Colosseum and Masrani lands shortly after on the margins of the construction site.
They joins at its entrance Claire’s colleagues, Wu and the journalists. As they all heads towards the enclosure itself, not located in the colloseum which is only the show area but located further away, encompassing a cirque, Claire and Masrani talks about the conflicts Park Management have with the Grey Guard, saying that if they have delays it’s because of them. The group then meets with Jonas, head zookeeper and large theropods curator, and while he talks to it about the enclosure and its denizen, Claire goes to see what captain Katashi Hamada, the commanding officer of the Grey Guard’s garrison on Nublar and who was waiting for them alongside Jonas, wants from her. Once again, he ask the park director about the large security bunkers needed according to him and his colleagues in case of large-scale disaster. She tells him that they will see that after the press tour and she comes back to the group who has spotted howler monkeys in the enclosure. They are scattered away by a roar from the I.rex. The chimera dinosaur stay hidden behind the thick vegetation of the enclosure. Masrani asks about the second specimen cloned and Claire answers that she was devoured by her sister. The I.rex being the subject of some not-so pleasing surprises, Masrani worries a bit and asks her about Owen Grady’s opinion on the matter. The press tour of the colosseum concludes with a test showing. Masrani, Claire, the envoys and Wu take place in the vip lodge as the groups sit on regular bleachers. Amovible walls and roof began to move, obscurating the sunlight and plunging the arena in total darkness. A portcullis is lift up, letting the I.rex enters the arena. Spotlights project the I.rex shape on the audience.
We cut to the achillobators training scene. It plays very much like in the movie and just like in it, it’s followed by a debate between on one side Owen and Barry, and on the other Hoskins but here, informations on competition existing between InGen and other biotech companies are given (Among other things, a safari park housing animals from the ice age and situated near Toula in Russia is mentioned). During the conversation, Owen receives a text message from Claire, asking where and when she can meet him later in the evening. Again like in the movie, Leon falls from the walkway into the enclosure, albeit in a different manner, but in this version, Owen orders him to stay behind him and they slowly back away from the raptors, following behaviours and gestures that are adopted by nature guides in Africa when confronted to lions and other dangerous game. Owen and Leon manage to leave the enclosure unharmed but the former reprimand the latter, telling him to show himself more cautious the next time before asking him to pay his and Barry’s beers in the evening as a retribution. Hoskins muses about the way Grady managed to have, in his eyes, control over the achillobators.

Chapter IV : Sunset O'er Isla Nublar
Claire, Masrani and co returns to Burroughs where an contract with the envoys is signed. Before going back to her office, claire pass by the control room for a daily checking. She have a debate with Lowery about the I.rex and the sponsoring around her.
Zach and Gray attends the mosasaur feeding show and once it’s over, as the bleachers brought them down below the lagoon surface, they meet up with Zara and visit the oceanarium, made of not only the mosasaur lagoon but also other lagoons that together forms the big lagoon, separated from one another by barrier reefs that converges towards an underwater mountain located at the very center of the lagoon called Mount Thetis, which houses aswell the submarine tour base. After walking through subaquatic tunnels and viewing galleries, the trio goes back to the surface and passes in front of the nothosaurs enclosure. While Gray is petting henodus in a touching pool (similar in design to the ones that exists in many aquarias and marine animals parks over the world), Zach gets a phone call from their mother, Karen.
After being told by Zach that Claire is not with them, Karen phones then to her half-sister, then working in her office, and they argue about this and other family matters. They coldly ends the conversation and Claire decides to go out on the attenant balcony to relax herself, overlooking Burroughs as she drinks sips of some alcohol glass.
Near 5 p.m, Wu arrives at the hilltop Masrani’s hacienda and him and the indian billionaire talks about the day, with Masrani’s preasing the indominus and Wu’s efforts. They then sits in the terrace and drinks tea as the sun sets and dinosaurs come to drink at a nearby lake. The two soon have a conversation about Wu’s proposal to update some of the oldest species cloned by InGen and begin to slowly replace the old versions individuals by others from new and more scientifically-accurate versions (a scene which is very inspired by the version 4.4 chapter from Crichton’s novel where Wu and Hammond discusses on the same subject). Both debate, with Masrani showing himself reluctant and saying that reaching scientific accuracy is nothing but delusion since new discoveries will make current representions obsolete, making the pursuit of this ideal a never-ending race. Once their conversation on that subject is over, they drink to the park’s prosperity and the future success of the I.rex as an attraction.
In the I.rex enclosure, an old howler monkey is left behind by his troop. As he tries to flee, the I.rex catches and eat it.
Chapter V : The Merry Iguanodon
>! Night has fallen over Isla Nublar but while the animals areas had been closed for most of them, the park is not yet devoid of activity, far from it as both guests and employees goes to dine and entertain themselves in Burroughs restaurants, bars and other leisure places for the evening. Claire is dining with her nephews in the Winston’s steakhouse. While Gray is in the toilets, Claire tells Zach about her conversation with their mother. When they exit the restaurant, Claire ask Gray if he wants to go to the cinema but he declines, saying that he is tired, but the oldest of the brothers that he will stay a bit longer in the area and ask her aunt if there is some nice bar there. She recommends the Merry Iguanodon, where she have to meet Owen a bit later. As Claire bring Gray back to her house, Zach wanders around the Obelisk Plaza, the large pond east of the Discovery Center, the facilities located under the Grand Nublarian Hotel overlooking said pond (among them there is a casino and a cinema multiplex), the Eastern Boardwalk. Following Claire’s indications, he founds the Merry Iguanodon tavern and enters it. Zara bump into him there and she apologizes for the distant behaviour she had with the brothers. Lowery and Vivian, who are friends with Zara, arrives and Zara asks Zach if he wants to join them. He accept and while heading towards them, they pass next to Leon, who is telling his fellow interns his near-death experience with the achillobators. Barry appears in his back and reminds him that he must pay two beers. Leon complies, brings the beers at Owen and Barry’s table and takes his leave from them. The two zookeepers then talks about the potential reasons behind Claire’s need to talk to Owen. Claire arrives in time and she and Owen go outside, while her assistant, the two control room technicians and Zach discretly watches them. After losing a game, Zara have tell to Zach the story of Claire and Owen’s secretive but intense relationship. !<
While talking about Masrani’s request, Claire and Owen goes to the lower terrace and stops there, as a sound and light show takes place on the previously mentioned pond. They end up arguing a bit about the flingy relationship they had a couple of years earlier but they soon focuses back to the inspection requested by Masrani and agrees on a rendezvous time at the colosseum for the following morning, when the I.rex will be subject to an operation whose purpose is to implant into her a new tracking implant. They wish a good evening to eachother and Claire leaves. We come back to Zach, Zara, Lowery and Vivian as they still talk about the latter three’s boss affair with the raptor’s whisperer.
Hamada and two other guards, the Forrester couple, arrives after and go upstrair in a separated room where a non-negligeable part of Nublar’s garrison are off-duty and relaxing. While Hamada sits with the other officers and join them in their game of cards, the two Forresters go to meet the five recruits that incorporated the guard this year. One of them being the niece of a lieutenant stationed in the Five Deaths, they pass her uncle’s greetings to her. Hamada tells his colleagues that Claire informed him that it will be a no for the bunkers he recommanded. The other officers are disappointed and displeaded by the news. After a game of darts, the Forresters and the recruits sits and the couple tells them more about the Five Deaths and the reasons that push soldiers and forces of order members from all over the world to serve in the Grey Guard. The manager of the Merry Iguanodon, Lambert Ross, enters the room and asks what Hamada and the Forresters want to drink. They order but when a waiter arrives with the drinks, a tremor. Being of small to medium magnitude, it’s not strong enough to do any signficant damage and Central America being quite a geologically active region, most of the people on the island aren’t that worried despite being surprised. However, when Roberta unleashes a powerful but plaintive roar, echoeing in all of Burroughs and its valley, Hamada worries since the T.rex didn’t do the same thing before the 2006 small eruption. Sharing with the others the signs they witnessed (odd behaviour from the wildlife and the park’s denizens, worrisome readings coming from the Geothermal Power Plant…), many guards fears than a larger eruption is set to happen soon. Durant, one of the recruits, think it will be the end of the island but Glenmore reassures her by saying that the Sibo isn’t the Santorini’s volcano, Mt St Helens or the Krakatoa while another guard, an amerindian costarican who knows a lot about Nublar’s history, mentions that despite having entering into eruption several times across history, Nublar didn’t exploded or sank into the ocean, and that the only victims of the Sibo were spanish settlers who built their colony, San Fernandez, a bit too close from the volcano. Said colony was destroyed at the end of the 16th century and it being located not too far from where the I.rex Colloseum is being built, the officers fear that the trench whose purpose is to protect the attraction from any lava flows will not be completed in time, making the evacuation of the I.rex a possibility. The I.rex having a bad reputation among the guards, some states that they will let her die if that happen and rants about the Park Management desire to display the largest and viciousest beasts that they can make because they are the one who attracts people on the island. Lambert tells them that Masrani and Park Management have became too confident over time and that most park executives ignores what exactly had to be made to make Isla Nublar safe again. He reveals to the recruits that he worked before as an henchman for InGen Security. He narrates the aftermath of Roberta’s capture, stating that this event wroke havoc among the already fragile ecosystem of Nublar by allowing the smaller carnivores, whose populations were kept in check by the T.rex, to multiply and eat all the herbivores that weren’t captured before turning themselves to the most abundant kind of meat on the island, manflesh. Lambert tells that one night, a horde of proceratosaurs raided InGen’s camp, killing many people and snatching others, This attack marked the beginning of a series of conflicts opposing InGen to the feral predatory dinosaurs : The Saurian War. During that « war », Lambert was badly wounded (he limps and have one eye hidden behind an eyepatch) and spended the rest of the it in an hospital bed. His wounds were inflicted by one of the infamous three gorgons, a trio of dilophosaurs, whose venom half-blinded him. Aside from the three gorgons who were shot after weeks of tracking and some of the herrerasaurs who were captured and integrated into Jurassic World collection, Lambert ignores what happend precisely to the proceratosaurs. Some of them were indeed captured aswell to be put for the rest of their lives in the quarantaine paddocks and still lives but they were only a fraction of their population. How InGen Security dealt with the others is still a mystery and all related informations are classified. After telling his story, Lambert leaves and the guards goes back to what they were doing before the tremor.
Chapter VI : A Dragon's awakening
>! Near half past seven on the morning of Christmas Eve, Lowery goes to work on his bicycle while humming the main theme of Terry Gilliam’s Brazil. He is the first of the control room’s day team to arrive and when Vivian and the rest of his colleagues arrives, he talks with her and some of them about their plans for the evening. Meanwhile, the I.rex is being tranquilised.!<
We then follows Owen as he drives north on his motorbike, towards the Colosseum. He arrives there and meets up with Claire. They enter the construction site and while theye enter the Colosseum and climbs the bleachers, they talk about the I.rex genetic composition and Owen can’t help but to make fun of many things concerning the chimera dinosaur before warning Claire about the ethical drifts that the I.rex creation can create and the fact that they don’t exactly know how her physiology works (they talk mainly about the choosen amount of tranq administrated to the I.rex with Owen stating the same thing that Muldoon says in the novel concerning the amount of tranquiliser to choose with large animals). They arrive near the entrance of the surveillance room, guarded by Darbinian, where he must join Jonas and some of the guards (Brunet, Tian and Velasquez in addition to Darbinian) to start the inspection, wish to eachother merry christmas and he heads to the room. Darbinian lets him pass and he finds Jonas and Brunet finishing their breakfast and the two forementioned recruits drinking coffee. He greets them and as he is pouring himself some coffee, Darbinian teases him about the rumors concerning his relationship with Claire. Owen then asks Jonas and Brunet how the I.rex is and they answers by listing some negative adjectives. Once they are ready, Brunet orders Darbinian to stay in the room and Tian and Velasquez to come with them. They goes down to the I.rex lair where Owen sees gnawed-on bones. Jonas explains him that when the I.rex is fed carcasses, she took them to the lair where she rapidly eat them before gnawing the bones during hours. He leaves Owen and the guards to the inspection and goes to the holding area, where the I.rex is being operated in her indoor enclosure.
The veterinarian administrate the I.rex, whose body is covered with a surgical drape, an anesthetic at the base of the neck, where the tracking device is to be implanted. But as he is ready to cut the skin and the flesh there, he notices that they left the needed hand circular saw in their ambulance. One of his two assistants proposes himself to go to the ambulance and bring it back.
Owen and the guards arrive to the enclosure wall and sees the claws marks on the wall. They tell him that the I.rex often does this, sometimes in front of the guards standing in the miradors, like if she wanted to provock them that way. They head to the wooded area of the enclosure.
As she is looking over the I.rex health record, the assistant that remained with the vet shares with him her concerns, stating that the weight she gaine and her current appetite is abnormally higher from what they expected. The vet ask her if she thinks the I.rex is pregnant before saying it’s ridiculous. They mention the eggs found in the ruins of Jurassic Park during the 1994 expedition and the consequences of the inclusion of west african frog DNA inside the dinosaurs genomes. The assistant brings the idea that the potential offspring of the I.rex might be the result of a parthenogenetic process and adds that since Wu didn’t reveal the integrality of the I.rex genomic composition, they don’t know if he made another mistake by including the DNA of some species able to reproduce itself through parthenogenesis. The vet reassures her assistant by promising her they will do the necessary tests the next month if that can take away her concerns.
In the wooded part of the enclosure, Owen finds a howler’s monkey paw and deduces that it was devoured by the I.rex. Tian wonder why the I.rex had done that since monkeys are way too small to be considered as suitable preys for a dinosaur of her size. Owen answers by stating that she doesn’t do that to feed herself, but in a distraction purpose. He then recapitulates everything they have seen until now and admits to the guards that he is against displaying the I.rex to the public. Brunet proposes him that they go the indoor enclosure to see how things are going there and he agrees.
His other assistant had return on the meanwhile with the hand circular saw on the meanwhile, the vet begin to cut the I.rex skin with but suddenly, a malfunction in the ventilation creates a strong draft that sends sheets flying all over the place. The same assistant that brought back the saw is charged by the other to pick them all. He does this but the other assistant tells him that one of the sheet had slid under the drape, next to their patient head. The assistant goes under the drap and notices that the sheet went under the jaws. He tries to lift them up and not without efforts, he manages to pull the sheet out but after he launched a scream of satisfaction, he hears the I.rex opening one of her eyes. Paralysed by fear, he tries to move or scream to warn his colleagues but can’t do it properly and the I.rex raise her upper lip, revealing her rows of teeth. He finally screams and the vet makes out for the door but a tail swing push him to the ground. One of the zookeepers that was watching the operation at the other side of the enclosure heavy railings, rushes to a panel on the wall to push an alarm button, warning everyone in the vicinity and the control room at the other end of the island. The other assistant rushes to pull out her colleague far as possible from the I.rex head but when she grabs him, the chimera closes her jaws around the lower half of his body, letting the upper half to his victim’s colleague who screams in terror and panicks. While the drap is still covering her, the I.rex stands up. The vet put himself quickly on his feet but seeing that the I.rex stands between him and the man-sized gate in the railing, he exits the enclosure right into the tunnel that connects the arena to the enclosures and taken before by the assistant when he went outside, rushing to the door at is other end. When the zookeepers came back with electroshocking ammo rifles, he is too far away to be within earshot. Grady and the guards arrive aswell and the first go inside the enclosure to get the remaining assistant out of there as Jonas and another zookeeper, standing between the gate and the I.rex, shot on the exposed body parts of the predator. She repels the two zookeepers out the enclosure with a tail blow and swiftly turns, making the medical devices attached to her flies over Owen and the assistant who are forced to crouches down to avoid getting hit, before closing the gate and ramming it with her head to break it and trap Owen and the assistant with her. The two runs to the tunnel, heading towards the same normal-sized gate to which the vet headed. The latter had arrived before it but as he is looking for the keys that open it, he reminds that he gave to the assistant who still had them when the I.rex ripped him in half. The beast roaring at the two humans that are running away from her, the vet fears for his life and through a panel, opens a larger gate in which the small one is integrated and big enough to let trucks pass through. But as he flees outside, he forgets to engage the closing process. Seeing this, Brunet contacts the control room and orders the technicians to close it but Lowery, fearing that he will trap Owen and the assistant by doing so, heavily hesitate. However, the closing process is still engaged. A CCTV footage that Darbinian has done this from the surveillance room in the Colloseum. Owen and the assistant are still running but suddenly the latter collapses on the ground, with a lot of blood pouring out of a wound on her throat. Wondering how the I.rex was able to inflict said wound from a distance, Owen accelerates and rushes out of the tunnel as the door is almost closed. Outside of the facility, a large veil of mist covers the parking and Owen goes to hide under a tipper truck as the door is about to break under the I.rex assaults. Knowing that the I.rex could easily find him because of his scent, Owen cut a pipe and pours fuel all over him. The gate finally fall and the Indominus walk on the parking but the mist is so thick that Owen sees only her feet when she passes near him. The indominus pick the vet scent, who is hiding behind the Veterinary Services ambulance, and as she silently gets closer to him, Owen has only a glimpse of her general shape. When she is close enough of the vet, she brutally throw the ambulance on its side and stand over her screaming prey before shutting up her prey by closing her monstrous jaws on him. Owen stays still under the truck, praying not to be found, but suddenly gunshots are fired, scaring away the I.rew which flees and disappear into the jungle. Once he thinks it’s safe enough to get out, Owen screams to let his presence be known and crawl away from the truck. The guards, zookeppers and J-SEC agents arrives and Brunet asks Owen in which direction the I.rex went before telling the garrison that they have work to do.

Don't hesitate to tell me what you think about it and I will gladly answer to any question.

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